How do improve your click through rate in an e-mail series?

by mc9320
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I've recently started to build a list over the past couple of weeks, with the aim of promoting affiliate products, and have noticed the click through rate in my e-mails series is quite low, about 5%

I know you can cloak your affiliate links which I am now looking into, but are there any other tips to improve your CTR? Does it have anything to do with the following?

- How often you promote an affiliate product? At the moment I am doing this every other e-mail.
- How often you promote the SAME affiliate product? At the moment I am only doing this once and then moving on.
- Where you place your links in the e-mail?
- How many links in the e-mail?
- Do you inform your subscribers that the link is an affiliate link?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I feel I am doing the other things right at the moment such as having a good opt-in rate on my home page, no unsubscribers so far and a good open rate in my e-mails.
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    The company I work for does a lot of email marketing..

    for mailing to a generic big list, they send a short email with one link.. I mean like.. a 2 line email with a link and a really really good subject line.

    Thats what gets them the most clicks.

    For my own list, I send information based emails and while I talk about stuff - I link to affiliate products without really pitching them.. I send 3 emails per week and people value the information and dont really hate the fact that I add links in there.

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    Thats around the average rate. To drive that up you need to test subject lines, time of day and day of week sent, long copy, short copy, multiple vs single links.

    Test test test!
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      Another thing to test is your source of subscribers. Many email marketers will test traffic sources with the aim of increasing the opt-in rate, but don't follow through to find which traffic sources are actually the most profitable.

      "It isn't the size of your rod that catches the fish, it's the wiggle in your worm..."
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    I'll keep tracking the post as i have the same difficulty.

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    Test, track, tweak, test, track...

    Another tip is to make sure there is something for people to click on in every single message. It doesn't matter if it's info or sales, get the people on your list in the habit of clicking.

    All the best,

    "Ich bin en fuego!"
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    Great advice. My list of subscribers eat up the free offers. Anything that costs money, not so much!
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    I would definitely cloak the affiliate link behind your website. Email them every 4 days. I offer 2 links in every email that i send out that's intended to sell something. And no... when i promote affiliate products, i dont tell my list that it's an affiliate link that i'm referring them to.

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    Work on building trust with your list. You mentioned you just started building it, and I would suspect that the low CTR is a byproduct of little or no trust. Focus on providing value and building trust and I guarantee that those rates rise.
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    Originally Posted by mc9320 View Post

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Many of the significant things you can do to increase your open-rates and click-through-rates dramatically depend on things you do before people opt in, and on what you send them immediately in exchange for their email address.

    See if this thread helps you?
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    michael brings up a good point above when saying always provide a link to something

    it does not always have to be something to buy, i often include a link to a blog post which ive created

    doing this conditions your subscribers to clicking so that when you end sending a promotion your list will be much more used to clicking the link and visiting the sales page

    i rarely promote affiliate products within my emails instead i promote my own products a lot more

    i send a lot of good free info and every so often do a promotion, around twice a month

    but when i do send a promotion my conversions are good and the responsiveness is also very good

    not everyone is going to open your email thats just the nature of this business but just do your best in giving out great free info and content and then everything else will fall into place from there

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