How can I get affiliates to promote my new e-book?

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I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this question, so perhaps someone will advise me it that is so?

My question is this: I have had a website and product created for me in the energy field. It is an e-book with available in ClickBank and it also has a one time offer as an upsell to do with running cars on water, how can I get affiliate marketers to promote the book for me?

Naturally I am starting to write some articles and I have set up various adword campaigns.

The site is Energy Price Slasher - Slash your Energy Bill by Using Renewable Energy if you want to see what it looks like.

All constructive advice gratefully received.

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    Hi Ian,

    One thing you might do is set up an opt-in form on your affiliate information page and then send any affiliates who sign up autoresponder messages that tell them the best way to promote your product.

    Also, if it's a new product, you might want to consider having an affiliate contest and promoting the contest on your site, on your blog, in Twitter, in forums, etc. to get people excited to promote your offer.

    Hope that helps some.
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      Thank you very much for the help here. This side of IM is all a bit new for me.

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    I originally built my jv list by contacting ebay powersellers and other people who are likely to have a large email list.

    Also search around all the forums, find your competitors and contact them.

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    The quickest way to build an affiliate list is:

    - Write a press release and post it on
    - Signup To Affiliate Program Directory Submissions Done For You - AffiliateAnnouncement

    If you give the affiliates a compelling reason to join (High Commission ect), then you will be able to build a list in no time.

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    I have had a website and product created for me in the energy field.

    GROAN ;/ Is this niche still buzzing? I guess..there are so many out now...swerd made millions with his. (earth4). Personally i dont think i ever sold many of those as an affiliate.
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      Originally Posted by GeorgR. View Post

      I have had a website and product created for me in the energy field.

      GROAN ;/ Is this niche still buzzing? I guess..there are so many out now...swerd made millions with his. (earth4). Personally i dont think i ever sold many of those as an affiliate.
      I guess its still making money, especially with all thats going on with the economy, people are trying to find any way possible to cut down on some expenses like energy.
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    So did you get any sales yet for your product? You could post some updates to see how you progress with it.

    I have read your site, and I would have a few suggestions. Maybe you could lower the price point a bit as a special offer or something. Many people right now are a bit short on money, and would be hesitant to spend $97 on an ebook.

    As for the Run your car on water upsell, that niche is pretty much declining right now, as gas prices have gone down, it used to be hot about 6 months ago, but is less so right now. You could search for another upsell product, maybe something related to saving money or the economy, those items seem to be in demand during the recent times.
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    I'm sorry, but I think that niche is struggling. Have you sold any copies?
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    i think this is not the best time to sell that kid of product but anyways you can lower your offer price.about getting affiliates,use affiliate announce sit and you might ant to try this because its going to give you targeted need to do a research on the authority in that niche i mean people dominating that niche that has people in their list.after getting them you need to contact they one by one to tell them about your product and most importantly tell them why your product is a standout so that they can feel they wont waste their time and lose credibility if they promote it to their list.if you can successful get few of them to promote for you,you are on your way to advance way to get them to promote the product is to offer them extra incentive.
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    I gained my affiliates by using ebay powersellers writing a free report for them with their own links that they would attach to the zip file that they were selling. They when people clicked through my affiliates on ebay would get paid. They all loved me for this for suggesting it to them.

    Apart from ebay when i launch a new product i always use press releases and i always get a great response back from this. Writing articles is also another great traffic gainer.

    I also have an affiliate mailing list that people can join it includes auto responders for helping them sell my product and then whenever i bring out a new product they are the first to know and have lots of affiliates ready even before i have announced the product.
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    Wow, thanks to all for the input and suggestions.

    So far I have started using my articles to promote it through a submission company and PPC campaigns.

    I bought it as a "business in a box" package and as I have not managed any sales yet I am wondering if I was unwise to have done so?

    This is a new avenue for me as an article writer.

    I see what you say about price, although there is a built in 50% discount when someone goes to leave. I take the point about the OTO and running cars on water.

    I also realise I do need to give it time to promote it more, but no sales in three months and no refund on the "business in a box" is a tad concerning!

    I did raise my concerns with the company but they said I needed to get affiliates to promote it - so get on with it!

    I really do thank you all for your help

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