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Hello, I'm new to WF. I'm just curious to know, where did most people find their mentors? I've been messing around with IM for quite a while, but more often than not my learning is lack direction and hence there's always limited results. People always mention that finding a mentor is the best way to learn. Any idea where to find such good people willing to teach?
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    I found one by chance really when I visited his blog - I think you can get some great advice from the "top" blogs within your niche. Also, visit seminars if you can from time to time - they will be there.....
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    That's really lucky! So you just contacted him through his blog and he decided to mentor you?
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    You can choose with or without mentor, it may take longer time. Or you may want to consider to sign up internet workshop. But do some searching first. Which direction of internet marketing you are interested in. For me, email marketing.
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    IMHO it starts by following someone you like and who runs a business model that appeals and suits you. It might be through products you've bought or lists that you are on.

    I read that if you're picking a personal trainer, pick one that looks how you'd like to look. I think the same applies to finding a mentor. Find one who runs the kind of business you'd like to run and (deep down) believe you can run.
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    Mentors are not needed but can help speed things up. A bit like driving on holiday........sure you can get around without a map just using foreign road signs and you will most likely get there eventually.

    You will get there in a more timely fashion if you buy a map and ask someone who knows the way for directions as well.

    If you would like some help you are welcome to send me an email and we can work out how to get you moving in the right direction.

    All the best
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    You are right Big Al, copycat his/her skill and knowledge. Until got result. Be Focus and Persistent. A lot of new internet marketer lost faith because they don't have result.
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    It is a good question. If you can find a good mentor, there is no question that you can save yourself a lot of time in trial and error.

    Personally, I just jumped in, tried a shed load of stuff, bought a lot of crap along the way and finally figured it all out myself. As I say, not the optimal route

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    My advice to you is start researching and spend your next $$$ on a good coach/mentor. If you know what you want then target someone to develop those skills.

    Look for proven performers with good reputations. Theres some good ones right here and you should be able to get out of it for around or under $200.

    Don't even think about this - just get some good advice. It will be money and time well spent.


    "If one advances confidently in the direction of his own dreams and endeavours to live the life which he has imagined - he will meet a success unexpected in common hours"

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    I found my mentor by interacting with other IM'ers. Skype is a great place to interact and gain valuable insights to all internet marketing topics including mentoring.
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