My biggest tip for Warrior Forum bloggers

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I see a lot of warrior forum folks are blogging. That makes me happy, I am a blogging nut I have enjoyed browsing around and thought seeing as I am new here (hello!) I would pay back the favor with a tip of my own.

My number 1 tip for internet marketing bloggers to boost their readership, attract more comments and create maximum stickiness ...

Think like a reader.

Simple? Yes. Common sense? Likely. But so few people do this.

Do you see them too? It's all about
  • What I have to offer
  • I want you to ...
  • How I am the best/sexiest/funniest
  • Those guys don't get it
  • These guys do get it
  • Let me drop some knowledge on you
I'm sure you get the idea. It's that Me-Me-Me problem. Enough about me, what do YOU think about me?

When blogging, think about it as a discussion, rather than a lecture. Start with your reader and finish with your reader. Two ears, one mouth.

What are your visitors challenges, concerns, likes, needs? Show empathy, ask questions.

I guarantee it works, or your money back

Does that make sense?
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