Sites That Claim To Give You 'Thousands' Of Visitors For $X

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I was just wondering if there are any legitimate ways to buy traffic that is for more than just ALEXA stats.

I noticed that lot of these sites will send thousands of visitors with no conversions. Even the ones that claim to send "targeted" traffic.

Because I don't have ads on my site yet, I dont have the money to run huge google adwords campaigns (right now Im spending about $6 per day. But I want something that can get me some exposure that might actually result in long-term readers to my site.

Anyone have any ideas or know of any sites that really do give quality traffic? (they all say they do). For those that may be interested, my site is US defense and intelligence news site.

Thanks for your help!
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    You could run a few campaigns on Microsoft Adcenter as well.

    It's not as expensive as Google, and still drives top quality traffic.

    I would completely avoid those other "Buy X,XXX visitors for $X.XX."
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    Your best bet is using the contextual advertising networks like Adwords, Adcenter, Bing...
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    Most of the time those sites sell useless bot or proxy traffic. There's never much value in it IMO.

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      Originally Posted by LukePeerFly View Post

      Most of the time those sites sell useless bot or proxy traffic. There's never much value in it IMO.
      ... you beat me to it.

      It is quite frightening how easily somebody can take your $XX.XX and send you absolutely nothing but bot traffic.

      Fortunately, it is easy to spot most of the time through the use of your server's traffic stats program.

      It will be a scary, and dark, day when these "service providers" are successfully able to cover the "foot prints" that their traffic bots create.
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    ya like they other guys said those will just end up scamming you.
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    I wouldn't their quality of traffic is very low maybe even fake. So i would be careful possibly not even buy that. Most warriors will agree that you dnt get any conversions from them either

    Work Hard Play Hard :)

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  • If you are using adwords, you are in the right track till now. No need of any kind of other paid advertisement. Try to create a bigger campaign there. May be more than $6 per day. It will really help you to get targeted traffic and potential customer.
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  • Try It's a second tier search engine which has pretty good traffic. Their traffic also starts at lie 1 or 2 cents per click.
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    you get what you pay for, they will send you some useless bots, happened to me at fiverr, but hey! what can you expect for $5
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    it is nearly all bot traffic. that is why ur alexa goes up but nothing else

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    Thanks for the replies guys!! Im already at about as much as I can afford for the google search ads and I have a tough nice (U.S. Defense and Intelligence) so the smaller search engines like adcenter simply dont give me enough traffic. I had an adcenter account, but they were only giving me about 10 hits per week no matter what my budget was!

    I have a pretty good adwords setup with a clickthrough rate of nearly 3%, which I hear is just unheard of. But I need a way to grow my REAL traffic a little quicker than getting a couple hundred per month. Right now Im at around 3000 honest uniques per month, though I run a program which gets me about 2k + per day from China, but I suspect its spamming people over there cause the conversion rate is next-to-none.

    Anyway, thanks!
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