I've got $100 To Launch A Blog, What Should I Do?

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So I've set up my blog, articles are up etc. I just need to launch it and get some momentous traffic.

Is there something I could spend $100 on to increase traffic initially?
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    What niche is the blog in?

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    Fitness. More specifically bodybuilding.

    For people in search of explosive content www.chargedfreelancing.blogspot.com

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    You can consider buying some banner ads on sites or forums which is same with you niche.
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    The first step is to get rid of a get rich quick mentality. Next is to talk to opt-in list owners that target your niche for a mailer placement. Make sure you target a high value content page that leads to a squeeze page so you can recruit your own list. Stretch that $100 for the long haul, buddy.
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  • For $100 you can get the Studio Press genesis framework and a theme... Actually it's only $80 and it's a pretty good deal IMO, those themes are beautiful.
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    Save the $100..

    Do some guest blogging, blog commenting and forum marketing...you can get some traffic in...
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    Use the $100 to pay off (or towards) a small debt or two that you may have. If you don't have any small debts, put it in savings. Build traffic using press releases on a few of the better free press release sites.
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    Write some cool articles and then post them on the big bookmarking sites like digg, reddit, stumble, fark etc. That's a free method of traffic and they can give you some big traffic as well.

    Type "bodybuilding +forum" into google then pay yourself $10 dollars an hour to participate in a couple of high traffic bodybuilding forums. Make sure you have a link in your signature to your site.
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      If you are not sure how to spend $100 then don't try to do in hurry. If you are good ad Adwards you can use it so you can get traffic instantly, but here is warning. It can be very dangerous if you have not deep knowledge of Adward advertizing.

      - Pradeep
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    Originally Posted by Michael Foze View Post

    So I've set up my blog, articles are up etc. I just need to launch it and get some momentous traffic.

    Is there something I could spend $100 on to increase traffic initially?
    Buy quality content from some quality website you believe... rankings will be higher in auto mode!

    Get Content Targeted Super Real Traffic to Boost your Adsense Revenue!

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    Hi Michael,
    You can blow through $100 pretty quickly if you don't know what you are doing. (Not that I'm saying you don't..you've obvioulsy set up the blog etc. it's just a caution.)

    Probably the best investment you could make with it is some traffic generation training.. so you can really kick things off into high gear.

    There are certainly lots of WSOs etc here for that kind of thing.
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      Originally Posted by Patrick Batty View Post

      There are certainly lots of WSOs etc here for that kind of thing.
      He could also join the war room and look in there to find traffic methods.
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    Use that $100 to pay for your hosting bill for the next couple of months. Just write, write, write. Your trying to break into a niche that's arguably the hardest niche to break into. If you want the truth, I'd tell you to forget about it and dig for gold elsewhere. But if you are creating this blog because its what you love to do or you love writing about it go ahead. Just keep writing and don't stop. Do what some people above said for free traffic. Other than that the only thing you can do is wait. Maybe if your content is good enough it will start getting picked up and you might get some movement in the search engines.
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    Can you tell us more about yourself, such as how long you've been working online? Without knowing much about your experience, I'd say, save the money and use some of the free methods of marketing such as Youtube, posting on forums, posting on blogs, etc.
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    I would spend it on developing a google adwords campaign.
    HyPRcast Get Paid to Play with Social Media!
    Looking to buy or sell your home you need London Ontario MLS real estate agents or check out my London Ontario Homes for Sale Blog
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    When starting off, I'm all about cheap or free ways to promote a site. As others have mentioned, go with forum posting and add a link to your site on your signature line. Find blogs that are related to your niche and make useful comments so the blog owners don't think you're spamming them.
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    You need to churn out high quality contents and connect with the people in your niche. Go to the forums and contribute. Create videos on youtubes to help other bodybuilders.

    Particitpate in contests for bodybuilders and if you are good, you can win some prices to get you known.

    Above all you must focus on providing value.
    Saying thanks is more than good manners. So hit that little button please to pay it forward...
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    Guest blogg, contact list owners, also join the major forums. When you publish a post, write a short summary in the forum linking to your blog.

    Don't forget to make a list on the blog.
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    Do not buy anything

    That is the worst thing
    you could do right now

    You said you have uploaded
    the articles and what not

    So each of those articles
    truthfully need to be marketed

    Because some of those articles
    are not going to have the same
    effect as another articles is having
    on more of the traffic that is coming
    to your blog

    So the best way to check this is
    really to ask yourself

    Are you at all passionate about this
    blog you have set up or is it a niche
    some would be marketer gave you
    as a potential niche and your running
    for it?

    If you are passionate

    Make sure you implement whatever
    it is your using this blog for to earn
    an income

    Is it

    Blog > Squeeze Page

    Blog > Buy Now

    We really are not in this game
    to collect emails, where really here
    to sell something that we know/think
    will be of benefit to the people who we
    market it to


    If you are doing

    blog > squeeze page

    Add your tracking to each of those
    pages, to get a sense of which page
    is getting sign ups

    If you are doing

    blog > Buy now

    Make sure you add some pop up if
    they decide to leave and then
    implement a give away via squeeze

    and then go through piling on relevant
    advice/info that is on the current minds
    of those who seek what it is your promoting




    Ok traffic,

    the quickest way you could get traffic
    for each of those articles

    Yes i said each

    Would be to out together a YouTube video
    for each article and then send that traffic to
    the article and that should increase buys/sign ups
    because you didn't first talk about money

    Even though there is nothing wrong with
    asking for money first if you stand behind what
    it is your marketing, its just some people have
    different perceptions of the economy and therefore
    spend there money different from others

    And I'm not talking about rich or poor

    A Rich person can spend there money like
    that of a poor person and vice versa.

    After you start to see some traffic
    coming to your pages - after all your
    email op-tin boxes or pages with buy it now
    gets 100 views - and no conversions - it nots
    a traffic problem you currently have
    it is a conversion problem

    Work on that first and then send traffic.
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    Michael, I may sound like the ultimate homey!!!

    Join this forum. Spend money for your signature.

    Visit the forum often. Learn and do. Learn and do.

    You already have a sample of the superior advice you can obtain from the previous comments. Learn right here!
    David Sneen
    It's what you do when no one is watching
    that determines what you will be able to
    do when everyone is watching.
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    Make the blog your homepage - dont use a blogspot extension. Believe it or not, you dont have to invest your $100 on one area. $100 can go a long way for you online. Seek out cheap but effective advertising avenues that you can promote on. Make sure you make getting blog subscribers a priority.
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    Originally Posted by Michael Foze View Post

    So I've set up my blog, articles are up etc. I just need to launch it and get some momentous traffic.

    Is there something I could spend $100 on to increase traffic initially?
    Why not try facebook ad? Its the biggest networking site and I think the most effective way to place an ad.
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    Use article marketing squido,Hubpages, ezinearticles and also make youtube videos all linking back to your blog where hopefully you have some good info to keep them there.

    All of those especially youtube will get you ranked in google for certain keywords fairly quickly. and the best part is all of this is free just takes some time to write the articles and make the videos

    when you have your videos on youtube post them as a video response to some of the other videos with tons of views that is similar to your niche

    Hope this Helps
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    Go to Think Traffic and read some of Corbett's posts about blogging and traffic. I think he has some great and informative posts.

    If you like his stuff on Think Traffic, then try out his course, Start A Blog That Matters. It's an amazing course on launching a blog, doing guest posts, using social media, and getting lots of traffic to your blog. I highly recommend it if you have an extra $97.
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    There are loads of ways to spend that $100 and you could burn through that in PPC very quickly if your new to it. If you haven't got an account already, I would suggest signing up with Aweber and putting an email capture form on your blog, then choose some products and use that as another income stream. You could also spend some on some media buys and purchase some ad space on a high traffic blog in your niche.
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