Does writing content this way make sense?

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    Personally, I think I would enjoy it.

    ... it is certainly a different take on the pet niche.

    However, I think it is vital that you address the situation in your "About" page. Perhaps suggest that the website is written "by dogs, for dogs." Or something along those lines.

    Nonetheless, I like the idea ... it has a certain kind of appeal to it, IMHO.
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    Anyone else want to chime in?
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      Yeah I really like it too.

      I think if it's done well and the writing is sharp and funny then it could be a real hit.

      You could put a press release out there about your site (the creative angle could peak the interest of mainstream media).

      Dan Lyons

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      I think it is a very clever, creative and refreshing idea.

      It is putting a cute spin on the information and gives you an angle so to speak, which will help you stand out.

      That being said, you have to make sure that the information given out within the dog speak twist, is factual and accurate so that your site and information are taken seriously.

      and would people know that it's easily written from a pet...or no?
      Well, I think everyone knows that pets don't actually write. :p

      Seriously though, I think what you're asking is will people understand, the content written is from a dog's point of view. My answer to that is that your authors must really intricately know the traits and behaviors of the breed of dog they're representing for that to be successful and have credibility.

      For instance, a toy poodle will have a different take on things than a doberman, if you follow me.

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    I think this is a refreshing way to do your thing. I do not see any harm in this.
    Some humour will certainly help to make your blog interesting.
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    If your writer can effectively "get into character" then it would be a great USP in my eyes at least.
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    I think it could be a hoot. But as already mentioned, the writer needs to give each dog their own unique personality. You could even run a contest to see which "columnist" is the most popular. Then sell mugs I'd love to read a column where a chihuahua talks about the humiliation of being carried around in a purse by some diva.

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  • Profile picture of the author Nate Simms
    This is perhaps a bit more "humorous" than what you are looking to get out of your content writer.

    ... but this guy has his dog's personality down to an absolute science. This is seriously some of the funniest stuff I have ever seen in regard to the whole "text from ... " craze.

    Check it out:

    Edit: Holy crap, The Guardian picked up on this guy's little project. Text From Dog: 'I have a rubber hamburger that squeaks."

    As somebody mentioned above, you could possibly parlay this into a more mainstream thing. Think outside the box.
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    Thanks for throwing me a bone everyone! Your insight means a lot to me because I haven't sought after input from anyone about this idea.

    It has been in the works for a good month now, so I expect it to launch in October. The site design is unlike most sites - definitely unique and pet oriented. It looks like a pet toy to be honest

    I'll remember to send each person who provided an answer on this thread a link to the site when it launches.

    P.S. And I'm not going to worry about income for a good year - at least, not until I receive 1,000 visitors consistently each per day.
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    Anything new and different is going to help keep the site interesting to your readers.
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    • Profile picture of the author JohnMcCabe
      I'm going to quote a line from Alton Brown on "The Next Food Network Star", which I've now absorbed into my own lexicon...

      "That boy doesn't just think outside the box. I don't think he even knows it's there..."

      That's the kind of angle that turns 'yet another dog blog' into infotainment. Get it right, and it's the kind of site that draws attention and sharing.

      Consider opening Twitter accounts and FB fan pages for each of your 'authors'...
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      • Profile picture of the author Alexa Smith
        Originally Posted by JohnMcCabe View Post

        "That boy doesn't just think outside the box. I don't think he even knows it's there..."
        It's another one of those "I wish I'd said that" moments ...
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    That is literally one of the most original ideas i have heard in a while, I would read it if I had a dog, and these are the kinds of blogs or forums that are shared around and mentioned in different social circles!

    Remember "Funny is Money"

    Kind Regards


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    Four paws up. Great idea!

    Hey, if you need any authorative cat pics, I've got a boy cat who think's he knows everything...
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    Try it

    It could possibly work, and won't mind seeing something like this.
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    Nice idea.Go ahead.
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    Great idea James, If you nail it you could become extremely popular.
    There are some great hardback works using this perspective like, Black Beauty, Call Of The Wild, and Cypry The Carp but I don't recall the same thing done with website.

    I would like to pat you on the head and give you a biscuit for thinking of it

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    I actually think it's pretty darn clever!

    Gimmicks like that (and if you don't think it's a gimmick I sincerely apologize) can work extremely well. The question I would have to ask myself, had I come up with this brilliant idea, would be if I would be able to keep it up?

    I mean, will you be able to stay in character in 6 months from now? 2 years?

    If you think you can you should certainly go for it. It's a very good way to separate yourself from the rest of the crowd in your market.

    It's definitely a blog I would wan't to read, if for nothing else, to see how you manage to pull it off!
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      I also think it's a great idea if your writer can really write like a dog! Like said before you should definitely mention this in your About Us section or something though so people realize they are reading from the dog's perspective.
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      • Profile picture of the author alienbrayn
        AWESOME idea!!!

        Seriously may implement this into my site (nothing to do with pets) I like the idea that much!

        Good luck OP and be weary of competitors, they will snatch this idea in a heartbeat!
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    Anything that would set you apart from the competition AND provide real value is a good thing. Go for it.
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    Arf Arf grrrrr bark........

    Oh pardon - translation: Count me in on the "I like it" opinions.

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    • Profile picture of the author Drjoenjenga
      I have been writing about dogs and I can say your approach is unique and I love the way you are doing it. In my opinion you will be successful.
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  • Profile picture of the author Auggie Tsai
    That's a really great idea and great way to think outside of the box. As I read the op, I had to chuckle because of dogs handing out advice. I'd check out the site just out of curiosity.
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  • Profile picture of the author adamv
    My parents speak for their dog all the time. They have conversations with the dog (and the dog answers back). I think dog lovers will enjoy that style of writing.

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