What's the Best IM Monitoring and Reporting Software Tool for All your Websites and Tracking, ROI?

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Can you help me and others?

What is the Best Software Tool for Internet Marketing Analytics, Reporting, ROI for Website Businesses?

I have several websites and am having a hard time just making Excel Docs or Google Docs to keep track of the sites.

I want to monitor and tweak the following:
- Website ranking
- Sales
- Expense
- Competition if needed
- Analytics

Overall like a Business Management, Accounting and Analytics software for Internet Marketing.

What is your Best Suggestion?

Thank you
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    This would be very helpful for all members and appreciated. Thanks.
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    for website ranking, I could suggest Ranks Check -- got this here on WF (i just can't locate the thread again). It's pretty good and it's free.
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    I'm not sure if there's a tool that does all of the above.
    But if your looking for something to track...

    I know of the following...
    - HyperTracker
    - BudURL

    Hope this helps.

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      But if your looking for something to track...
      Interested in this too.
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    I recommend piwik for analytic.
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