need a voice testimonial widget (mychingo / mobatalk / audioacrobat )

by Simon Goodman 3 replies
mychingo (renamed mobatalk) -Yaro uses it, is not available right now. new version coming but no ETA date.

tried audio acrobat. it's ok, but it's voice only by telephone, and would like option to record by computer so they can type in a text name... and it can be automatically posted.

any others out there you've tested, or are just aware of?



reps given for all good answers!
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    try It has a built-in feature allowing for the client to add text and a picture for the testimnial.


    Kelvin Brown

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      You should take a look at - I'm using and like it a lot

      You ROCK!,
      Justin Brooke

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        thanks Kelvin and Justin!

        checked them both out and they look great. starting with snapvine first... looks very web2.0!

        also looked at both your product sites (siteflip and followup101) great stuff!


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