What's the best technique for increasing the website traffic...

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What's the best technique for increasing the website traffic...
I have created 1 website before 6 months ago but till now traffic is almost 10 daily.
So can anyone suggest me how can i improve the website traffic off page or social things are good please suggest me anyone asap.
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    There are many ways to drive traffic to your website. From my view, the more effective one are as follows:-
    1. Video marketing.
    2. Social media such as facebook.
    3. Article Marketing. The most popular article website to submit is Ezine.
    4. Online advertisement. The one I used the most is gumtree.com and craigslist.com.

    Hope my little tips help
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    Since you don't have much traffic right now, I'd suggest a few things:

    1) Build backlinks so you get more traffic and appear higher on Google, therefore more traffic.
    2) Search engine optimization - there's a lot on SEO. A simple tip is to check if the URLs of pages are descriptive - for example, catfood.com/how-much-should-i-feed-my-cat/ instead of catfood.com/?p=31.
    3) Get a facebook and a twitter account, as your website. Post tweets / status updates every so often. Get your visitors to follow and like you.
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    Hello girishkapoor,

    Here's my suggestion for you..
    1. focus on finding your site a relevant keyword and optimize it so that you will gain more traffic organically from search engines.
    2. Social Media is today's number 1 method on spreading information online so might as well take some time building your social media audience online.

    These are only few methods to try to and for sure you will see improvements to your site in a couple of days.
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    all you have to do is the best use of seo..use the seo tricks..
    Choose the tittle from google adword keyword tool
    choose keywrods from adword with high global ranking and low competition..
    also do take to chose only 3-4 keywords..
    do generate the organic traffic via forum posting,directory submision,blog commenting,socail bookmark sharing site..
    submit ur website url to top directory with pr above 5...and do blog commenting on sites similar to ur site niche..
    do forum posting as much as u can..
    make your content fresh and unique...above all a blooger need patience and consistence in his work..
    Happy blogging..hope it helps you..
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    There is no 'best' way - it depends on your niche, your knowledge and your resources.

    If you only get 10 visitors a day then just about ANY traffic generation method will increase that.

    This forum has an SEO section where your question has been asked and answered MANY times before.

    nothing to see here.

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    There are a couple of ways:

    - SEO, build backlinks to your webpages to give your site more visibility in the search engines
    - blog commenting on high traffic blogs
    - forum posting in popular forums
    - article marketing and syndication
    - video marketing with Youtube etc.
    - social networking with Facebook etc.
    - social bookmarking with StumbleUpon etc.
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    Updating with fresh and quality content is much important . and participate in the social networking sites.
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    Always concentrate on long tail keywords and create more articles to your site. Also give some social signals to the pages to increase the ranking.
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