How do I get traffic to my new forum?

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Hi there!

I am making a website about hedgehogs (please see link in signature). I have set up a forum but since I am the only person who has posted in it, I am worried people won't use it.

What is the best way to get it going?

Thank you! x
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    Introduce your forums by writing articles and guest post in related forums and blogs.
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    Its easy share your forum link in social networking and listed your site link in other forum site.
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    Easy -
    1) Link exchange
    2) Buy Banners/Links
    3) Increase your backlinks.
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    Thank you everyone! I'll get working on it! x
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    SMO and social networking are typically your best bet for a forum. As your forum grows and obtains regularly updated unique content, SEO and backlinks will naturally increase anyway. Nobody wants to join a forum with no activity, so it might sound silly but you should consider creating a few dud accounts and having a public conversation with yourself regarding topics your site covers. Make threads that ask questions people interested in pet African Pygmy Hedgehogs can register and answer.
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    One thing that could help would to make a video and put it on utube and have the link going back to your website, There are many other Search Engine Optimization. As far as what page you are on on the search engines it does make a difference because it a proven fact that most people only go threw the first 2 pages on a search. The size of the business has really nothing to do with it.
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      If you have a budget, one of the best ways to get immediate traffic is through adwords. If you forum is compelling enough, this can help build organic traffic also. If you have a tight budget and easy to rank keywords, focus on article directories and link building.

      Check top 300 Google SERP results free. tracks and graphs changes for multiple domains/keywords/regions. Also includes advanced keyword density tool.

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    One of the best ways to get the forum going is to invite those who are already in that niche.

    Search for blogs and websites in that niche and try and locate their contact details. If you can call them up nothing like it or else send them a mail briefing them about your forum and inviting them to join - for free of course. In fact you may need to tell them that it will create good publicity for their websites with their signature links and that they can even sell their products (similar to the WSO section here).

    You can also publish press releases to attract people who may be interested in hedgehogs. In the initial days your friends may also need to lend a helping hand.

    Why not put an ad in the Classifieds or Warriors Hiring section?
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      For getting traffics on your forum, you must have to need quality, useful and interesting contents on forum You also have to write fresh & quality content and submit it into the article or blog sites to aware the people about your forum.

      For Ethical SEO Services, Visit :

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    To get traffic for you forums you need to make it popular. One of the best way to do it is social media and networking sites. Sites like Facebook and Twitter can be helpful in making your forum.famous in your community. Post questions and polls related to your niche and put links of your forums also. Thus you will get visits from the peoples who have same interest in your niche. Those peoples will come again and again and make comments on your forums. Thus you will get unique and fresh content as well as quality visitors for your forum.
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    • Search for blogs and websites in your niche, leave comments, and link to your forum. Use Google Adwords or Facebook ads. Offer incentives for posting in your forum. You can give away free ebooks and reports, product samples, or software. Use social media to promote your forum and encourage your fans to start new threads and engage in conversations.
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    All the above replies are useless to Jumpstart a Forum.

    Getting traffic for a new Forum is extremely hard. What i would suggest is:

    1. Open very few forums for start. Many empty forums are not attractive.

    2. Get some help to start threads or make fake accounts and do it yourself in your forums. Make an account per day, ask something, and then as an admin (or an other user) post a good reply.

    Good Luck !
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    Try and check out some paid forum posting services. Also have a link to your forum in your sig and comment on other forums which are in a similar niche.
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    Actually you can promote your forum site by using adwords, posting on relevant blog, posting some videos on youtube, and blog commenting
    Do it regularly and you will see the result
    Good luck

    Kind regards from Indonesian IMers
    More we do, More we get
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    Socialize your forums on social media sites and comment on the similar forums related to your niche.make people aware about the forum and post some good information on it.
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    Thank you all very much! x
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    I think you should share your link of your forum with websites which are related to your topic also you can use twitter and facebook for making it popular . As not too many people know about your forum ,so i think you should share it will more and more people.
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    Create a Facebook Page and drive dirt cheap traffic to that page.

    Here is a couple of pages that have hedgehogg fans:

    Start a facebook page called something like Hello Hedgehogg (whatever you like preferrably something that's not used, since people who already like hedgehoggs on facebook are more entitled to like a new one if it's a bit different).

    Upload pictures and content.

    Drive traffic with facebook ads to the page. ( you can get 1000 fans within a couple of days )

    Then start socializing with the already established pages.

    (short version)
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    the most effective way is to introduce your site to the social networking sites like facebook ,twitter etc
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    I would say to engage in existing forums have your own forum in the signature. And beyond that, push the forum everywhere you can to gain critical mass. At some point spam will then become your #1 forum problem

    (And of course you need to post interesting stuff yourself as well.)
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    I think you need a good SEO four your forum. You can also take help of social networking site.
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    first step you want build the authority links to your website.then share your link to various social networks related to your community.then try to convert your forum theme to user attractive one.
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    Promote your forum in SEO. Generate many free back links and get some paid and quality links. Its very important to know, social signals are always helping in short time promotion. All the best.
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    >>>>>>> Our links - Your Traffic <<<<<<<

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    You should promote this on Blog posting and article submission.It is fresh topic that a forum is starting and every blogger will take interest in it.Social media sites can works good here.
    Interactive Bees Pvt Ltd best known for Quality Web Development Solutions and Online Marketing Services.
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      SEO, SEM, Link building, Blog posting, Social bookmarking.....................the list is endless.
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    There are several ways you can get traffic to your forum depending on how much time and effort you like to dedicate to this task. You can check and view previous forum discussions regarding this subject. Since this is new forum you want to make sure that people are aware that this site exist and that you are providing good quality content and relevant information that will solve their problems. You should have a press release written to announce the launch of your new site but you have to have news worthy information to convey or else it won't be effective. You can also write articles and submit them to article directories, create a video of what your forum is focused on and pitch the benefits for joining and upload your video to video sharing sites such as YouTube, Metacafe, Tubmogel and sites such as these. There are a number of other techniques you can use as well to increase traffic to your website but just check out some of the previous threads on this subject. This is a start in the right direction....good luck with your new site!
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    improve your SEO, and share links to your posts in other relevant forums
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    Social media submission is best way to increase visitors. Do blog commenting, Guest posting also it would be helpful to you.
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    AGAIN: Most people that have replied here have NO IDEA what they are talking about.

    NOBODY will come/stay/participate to an empty Forum. You MUST give the impression that your Forums have some traffic and people post and reply.

    So the ONLY way is to first make some FAKE visitors/members/posts.
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    You can increase the traffic using
    * Post your links on social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.. etc.
    * Post your links on link building websites using link building techniques like
    -Social Bookmarking
    -Forum Posting
    -Blog commenting and posting
    - Press Release
    -Link Bait.. etc.
    * Use PPC.
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    Go the Reddit style and start making fake accounts for your self and start answering and posting on the forum to make it seem there are already people conversing there.

    This will make other people get the idea that the forum is alive with lots of people and they will start registering for themselves.

    And yes, reddit did that. Never heard about it? check out the story here:
    Reddit Was Built On Legions of Fake Accounts | Geekosystem
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    I can be a active user in your forum if you continue to be active in my forums??
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  • Build high quality backlinks to your forum, using targeted keywords, to get it ranking better in the search engines. The traffic will come.
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    Simple: you need to get the word out.

    I don't think SEO is the way to go (I doubt many people search for "hedgehog forums").

    I'd guest post on sites that have a large hedgehog owner community. You can also poach people from forums that have a subsection just for hedgehogs.
    Find Awesome Keywords...Without ANY Tools
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    You can also take help of social media, related forums, blogs, these would really help a lot.

    three great FREE tools -, and

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    Advertise on different forums in the websites showoff section, due to this you can get real and targeted traffic.
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