The Reason Most Of You Fail...

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I bought a WSO recently that was absolutely fantastic. Not because it was some grand new concept or something that promised to make $1 million overnight, no it was just a simple basic WSO that had an idea in it that I know that works.

Now how did I know this works? Because two years ago I tried a method similar to it that made me over $100,000. So it's not a matter whether this works or not it was a matter of whether you could make it work.

And that brings me to my rant today. I do a lot of coaching, and a lot of one-on-one help with individual businesses. And the number one reason I see that people fail is because they want to fail.

I know that sounds ridiculous, but when you look across the broad spectrum of the warrior forum the number one problem is that people don't make an effort to make things work. They give up too easily, expect things handed to them, and don't think outside the box.

Instead of looking for reasons why something won't work, look for ways that it could and you'll be surprised at the answers your brain comes up with. Your mind can only answer the questions that you ask it so if you continually ask it why things WONT work, you'll never think of the reasons why they might.

Ask why something "MIGHT" work or how you could work around an obstacle in your way. YOU ARE SMART! Several thousand years of evolution has guaranteed it. You are the top of the evolutionary gene pool... stretch that muscle between your ears and ask yourself this question before you start any project you're doubting yourself on:

"How Can I Make This Work?"

You're always going to run into obstacles. I run into them on a daily basis - but that's how you grow as an entrepreneur. If you don't fight & push back, you're not an entrepreneur... you're a hobbyist.

- Adam
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    thanks dude...
    The only reason a warrior is alive is to fight, and the only reason a warrior fights is to win. Otherwise, why be a warrior? It is easier to count beads. - Miyamoto Musashi (Book of Five Rings)
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    Right on, Adam.

    Look forward to seeing you in Orlando!

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    The thing that most "successful" IMers don't understand about newbies is that they don't have a backup plan if they won't manage in their new venture. Someone who looks for their first true profitable venture wants the lovest risk possible, because he knows, that he will probably have to spend a month or so to make the good money and if he can't have at least some kind of guarantee that it will make them money he doesn't want to waste the month spending 4 or something hours a day doing it. That is why most newbies want a method that will be 99% proff to let them earn at leas SOME money fast.

    I hate it when pro people tell a newbie to think outside the box(of course I also do it sometimes, even in the fields that I am a newbie at myself). You are only able to think outside the box, because you had previous experience with something and you know why it worked or it didn't work.

    A newbie isn't supposed to be able to answer how can I make this work.

    I am sorry if this sounds agressive, but I do not like people who proclaime that they know The ONE secret why someone fails and etc. It is newer so simple. I strugled for a couple years and it wasn't becaus I wanted to fail, but because I dove right into my first venture, wasted shit loads of time, it didn't work and then I became overprotective. It is not that I wanted to fail I was too afraid to fail.
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      Do you think pro marketers were always pro though? I was $40,000 in debt, about to be evicted for not being able to pay rent and hungry bc I couldn't afford food.

      In fact, I bet the majority of the successful business people here have a "baptism by fire" story... It's that "pushing through the failures" and making things work that turns a newbie from a "newbie" to a professional.

      There aren't any shortcuts unfortunately.

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    In that case you didn't have anything to lose. Like most other successful ones. But what about the average Joe, who, kind of has the money, but would like to earn extra to make his life easier. He doesn't necesarily need it, but he REALY wants it. In his mindset, he could be having fun with friends, but he exchanged it to staying at home and trying to earn money online. So he doesn't want to waste his 4 free hours a day on something that might make him money in 3 months time, he wants to see results soon, or be 99% conviced he will have the results.

    Basically I do not agree with the statement that they want to fail, statement that everyone is afraid to fail, I do agree, but you can't say they want to fail.

    Ok, when I was writing the story of the average Joe. I thought, what if the people are afraid to shatter the image of perfect life. That still goes with the afraid to fail statement, but what if they are afraid that by failing they will "realise" it is not as easy. It is like, everyone likes reading those fairy tales, but they would be afraid to try them and see that not everyone can have the fairy tale life, that they might be the ones not suited for this fairytale. Thus they keep lurking, reading and imagining that they are a part of it.
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    Well... No risk, no reward.
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    You're right, just keep writing, and eventually things will happen. I have a six year old blog, finally makes $1,000 a month on adsense...6 years of writing before it started earning though, i didn't give up, still write on it daily too
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    It really is all about having the proper mindset. Even though I'm in IM, I still have a day job. Our CEO, earlier this year, asked us to take the company in a different direction. Some of my fellow managers whined and complained about how it couldn't be done. I finally got tired of them and told them if they felt that way they shouldn't be managers because managers find solutions, not excuses. Same can be said of those who are successful in IM.
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    Originally Posted by Adam Nolan View Post

    And the number one reason I see that people fail is because they want to fail.
    I agree with you on this Adams, there is only a thin line between success and failure.

    Funny enough, we all get to decide which side of the line we choose to stand.
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    Like many other things in life, success comes when many things align. Most important of all, would be taking action! Half way is not enough.
    There was an image posted here awhile back about how "you never know how close you are to success. Dont give up!" and it is completely true.
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    I'm totally with you on every word Adam.

    Sometimes, a person might not even realize that in the back of their mind their is a little voice that wants them to fail. Often a familiar one saying "Money doesn't grow on trees you know!", or "That rich ****, what an *******", or "You can't afford that!".

    It can take a little time to get your perspective right on becoming financially free. We often have negative associations with money, and sometimes it takes hard work to overwrite them.

    Here's an awesome thread another Warrior just posted, showing how she went from nothing to doing great in the space of one year:
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    Reminds me of what Trey Songz said...

    "Why do we get famous only just to turn the famous down?"
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    Great post. Sadly this post is right about most people not wanting success bad enough to make it happen. You must strive to work hard and smart in order to become financially independent.
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      Originally Posted by fedor50 View Post

      Great post. Sadly this post is right about most people not wanting success bad enough to make it happen.
      Like I always say below:

      It's not enough to want it... you have to want it enough.

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    Maybe nice to mention that 99 out of the 100 WSO's that are being sold are just loser recipe's, I have a pretty good sense for business and I've bought quiet some WSO's in the past and it's one big pile of crap. Whether people take action or not, often it's just one huge waste of time.

    Better take action without buying wso's and make up for yourself what could work, pursue that, work hard, make sure you can scale it up and you'll be going in no time!
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    It's all about "Belief". If you believe wholeheartedly you will succeed, you will find a way no matter what obstacles come in your way. If you have doubt, whether you realize it or not, your subconscious mind will undoubtedly (pun intended) lead you to failure.

    "The grass isn't always greener on the other side. It's greener where you water it."

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    Buying bogus offers without proper research = becoming VICTIMIZED by yet another scam.

    No wonder people are more gunshy about jumping in. Can you blame them? They aren't losers for using common sense. People can only be taken advantage of for too long, right?
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    Thanks, I needed to hear this! I have achieved success and met my goals but have been static with new business ventures. I know what WSO you are referring to and I think people are too often looking for hand holding and an A-Z guide on how to do everything. What happens if they don't get this? They complain and find reasons why it won't work. I have noticed a trend on WSOs that people ask the same negative questions just because they see others asking it.
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      Most newbies fail because they're just not marketers. They don't have the patience, equipment, mindset, time. Some people just can't do some things.

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      Hey Adam,

      Your observation is correct.

      You can come across many similar cases either in online or offline business ventures. If you talk with these people, often turns out that they jumped into something without any serious consideration. What is more, it could be concluded that they aren't take seriously at what they do. Thus it is hard to meet positive results, business doesn't work that way as a frog snatches after flies.

      * You can succeed if you choose a business model after analysing your ability and skills.

      * You can succeed if you have enough determination to focus on your goal, and have a discipline to exert the necessary effort.

      * You can succeed if you have perseverance experimenting until the business starts to make money.

      Yes, you read it correctly, building a successful business means experimentation as well. Those that haven't self inner drive or cannot work without another person's babysit, merely aren't suited to building any business. I've to say those people will do themselves the best if they stay employees. Being self-employed entrepreneur is not for everyone.

      And about the mindset. I realized long ago that if some obstacle arises in front of me - I assure you, they were part of my business endeavours as well -, in my head I treat it the way I want. And if I want the best out of it (however it is) then I will act that way.

      So, the vision for success should always be before your eyes. And one day it will happen - if you do everything you can for achieving it. My friends, act to make it happen.

      Many successes,


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    As a newbie everyone feels that they would miraculously start earning money. They think that we have been handed a magical pot and we can find gold coins just from the start. But with time most of them dont get desired results and inturn give up. Now that's where the problem lies. You have to continue with your efforts. If one thing doesnt work the second will, if the second doesnt work, the third will. But it will work. You just need to tweak your method and the success will be yours.
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    Thanks for all the comments guys It's so nice to see a LOT of you know what I'm talking about.

    Ok... so for a guy who claims to be a motivational / business type / psychologist this is pretty much inexcusable - but I just finished reading "Think & Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill for the first time. I waited way too long If you haven't read it yet- go find it now, it's amazing.

    One thing they talk about in the book is a state of mind without a name. It's the "success" state of mind & I wish I could explain it better other than calling it the "Edison syndrome".

    He found 1000 ways not to make a lightbulb... but all he needed was 1 way that did work to change the world & he knew it. He didn't stop.

    Anyway... I'm sick & my head is all foggy so forget the eloquent writing & go read the damn book. Napoleon Hill does a better job than Adam Nolan


    - Adam
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    Yep. Best book on marketing I ever read 'Guerilla Marketing' says the same thing. Jay Conrad Levinson suggests that if you don't have these 2 qualities (patience and persistence) you're almost sure to fail.

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