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Does anyone know if there are companies out there that will allow you to buy a certain number of uniques that will click on your ads?

If no one knows of any, is it something you would pay for? Maybe thats a better business idea than my un-indexable news site :-)
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    I've never seen this before, although I've seen cpv and other things for say youtube view hit counts. Man, I'd click on ads in a "network" for nothing. Just for the good kharma
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    I would be careful with this because you'll need to blend it in with visitors that don't click.

    If you suddenly join a network for people who click on your adsense, then your CTR will go from about 0.5% to about 60% then you'll get flagged and banned.

    Do you currently have traffic or is the site a complete dead duck at the moment?
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    If you mean companies that guarantee clicks then stay away, you will be banned. It's not down to having a high CTR its the guys who are paying for the adwords, they will see that all the clicks comings from you're site are not converting then Google will investigate and hit you with the ban hammer!
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    Why would you do this? It's fraud. if you are running Adsense on your site, advertisers are paying good money for clicks from people who are are possibly interested in their products. Google is providing you with the opportunity to make money in the Adsense program. If you defraud the advertisers, they will be no chance to make money as the advertisers will not use the service. I'm just curious why you would want to do this.
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      Hell, I'd ban you just for asking for help on committing click fraud. The fact that you would even consider buying ad clicks makes you a definite "risk to the advertisers".
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  • Let me ask you this question if you paid for 1000 clicks to me (I'm google) then I got company X to click 1000 times for 50% of what you paid me, HOW WOULD YOU FEEL?
    soon people... Relax...
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