If you buy or are thinking of buying PLR articles please respond

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Hi all,

Is there still a market for PLR Articles?

I'm talking decent limited edition packages.

George Wright
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    I believe there is George.

    But not in the MMO niche of course.

    "May I have ten thousand marbles, please?"

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    If there are still articles comming out, then I would guess yes. It might not be direct sales, but I do think you can make money with them
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    Yes, I'm convinced that there are still people who buy and use PLR articles, especially if the PLR content is PLR content where quantity sold is limited (which is what I assume limited edition PLR content means (i.e. limited-quantity PLR content).

    If you really want to be sure if people are still buying PLR content, go to a few websites selling limited-quantity PLR content providers and take note of some of the packs that they are selling as well as how many licenses (quantity) of each pack are still available for purchase.

    Some of the PLR content providers will indicate how many are still remaining and some may only indicate the total amount of licenses available and when a pack is sold out. Normally, the wording will be something like "20 of 150 remaining" or "20 still left" or "20 of 150 licenses still available"... something to that effect.

    Once you've written down the quantity that was still available, wait for... a week. A week later, go back to those same sites and take note of the quantities that are available now.

    This way, you can identify whether people are still buying PLR content or not. Other indicators of people buying PLR content, is if those sites are putting out new PLR content and if packs are indicated as being sold out.

    If you really want a more accurate idea of sales volume for PLR content, then you're probably going to have to get in touch with PLR content providers.

    Here are some sites that you can look at, to help give you an idea if people are still buying PLR content or not. All of these sites sell limited-quantity PLR content, and they indicate on their site how many quantities for each piece of PLR content, is still available for purchase:
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    There most certainly is. I don't think many marketers just are grabbing PLR and using it as is but properly reworked PLR still makes a great base for other items. Also there's always a market for quality material outside of the usual niches (i.e. MMO and weight loss).


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