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Hey guys,

This is my first post!

I'm very new to this whole information marketing thing, im not entirely sure with the processes etc so I think ill start by saying what ive done so far.

Me and my partner have just created a website that creates and sells silent subliminals im not sure of the rules of posting websites etc so i wont post what it is in case i get banned or something. There are a broad range of products from weight loss to quitting smoking, drug addiction etc.

Now I found out recently that it is much better to choose a specific "niche" and work from that however I found this out too late.

So im looking to build traffic and not sure where to begin. A thought i had was to choose a certain product from my store eg quit smoking. And write articles etc pointing to that specific product.

We really do believe that these products will help people if they are made aware of it. We have a facebook page with about 400 likes

I really dont have much idea of whether this is a good idea or not so any help will be appreciated!

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      Thanks mate ill have a read!

      Im planning on purchasing magic submitter and the best spinner to help me get a higher google ranking.

      I also made the mistake of going with shopify as my online store. They are a great store however they dont do any clickbank integration
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    thats not a bad idea as long as your not sending the traffic to a catalog of products.... you can make youtube videos... do facebook ads.... banner ads... google adwords ect.... but make sure your sales page converts nothing worse than getting people to see your message and nobody buying
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    Great post! I'm a noob too so we both are in the same boat! Haha! I'm sure the vets look at us like the new "fish". But its great being the new guy, soaking up knowledge. I can tell you are serious as I am. I however don't have a website up yet, as of right now I'm working on several niche ideas.

    I've been interested in affiliate marketing, and have been studying it over the last 4 months. From what I understand about niche marketing, you're right. Targeting smaller niches and building around that will bring you a more targeted (and dedicated) audience who frequent that specific corner of the market.

    Some ideas I've read about also say that creating a membership site around a specific thing, say "quitting smoking", will not only get you traffic but build a list of interested visitors that can convert to sales. Just some of the ideas I've been studying. Sounds like you're on your way though! Good luck to you. You've gotten further than I have because you actually have a website up and
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      Lol when building the site I had never even heard of all this stuff which is why I wouldve done things differently.

      So i checked the google adword tool and it seems as though quit smoking ranks higher than alot of my other products so I will start with that.

      If I manage to get a good result on google ill start promoting more of my other products this way.

      I purchased the TOP 5 RANKING SYSTEM which was on this site so hopefully ill get some good results soon!
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    I think if you want to build traffic and see result fast, you should utilize the social media marketing. Well, it depends on how well you can make your content goes viral. If you are good at it, you can see results fast, at least faster than using article directory marketing, i think
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      Obviously id rather get quick results if possible but Im not really familiar with social networking marketing, is there a guide or something so i can familiarize myself with it?

      Also regarding keyword anchors/backlinks from articles. How many links should there be going back to your page in a 300 word article? Is there a limit?

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    Before you invest in any more methods of Tools,, check out my newbie group

    Established webmaster since 1998. Bought my first domain name for $70 and had to pay $1000 a month for hosting. It was the good life

    Skype: twool9
    Email me at thomasw9 ((((a)))) G mail

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    Hey, jshaba, you are in the right place. There is a gold mine worth of information just waiting for you...right here!

    Study....there are tons of great threads. Learn and do. Doing reinforces learning and vice versa. Learn and do. Learn and do.
    David Sneen
    It's what you do when no one is watching
    that determines what you will be able to
    do when everyone is watching.
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      I found this little free traffic plan on another thread and saved a copy for my own personal reference.

      Apologies to the author but I didn't copy down the URL where I found it. Hope he/she doesn't mind:

      1. Create a blog post (every day) that targets a keyword phrase related to my niche
      2. Syndicate to onlywire, blogengage, and other similar sites
      3. When applicable I will turn blog post into a pdf or video and post to content sharing or video sharing sites.
      4. Post blog to 10-15 Facebook groups related to my niche in addition to my own.
      5. Create 1- 2 Free Reports (15-20 pages) a month and promote on blog and Facebook Ads.
      6. Try to submit 5 guest blog posts/month to other high traffic sites (~ one a week)
      7. I will make sure blog posts are being submitted to Twitter
      Wanna see something you've NEVER seen before?

      How about real UNBIASED WSO reviews with NO AFFILIATE LINKS !!!
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    You will find all you need here it may perhaps take sometimes or not, it depend on your level.
    for your website I would advise to create a website for each niche. That means for weight loss you need a website, for quit smoking you need another website etc...
    That will help to choose keyword related to that niche and you can learn in the forum how to choose your keywords.
    then do some SEO via baclinks, FB, TWitter, YTBE Pinterest......

    anyway good LUck
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    Just an idea, could you or your wife create simple videos on youtube linking back to your site?

    You could also use paid traffic to promote the website and if you start to make a return hire a professional SEO company - one with a building

    Also, create a facebook page and work on building your brand
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    All I can say is this...

    1. Find out what it is you want out of all this things that you're doing. Be SPECIFIC.

    2. Pick ONE way to hit that target. Beware! There's a ton of information here on the forum. All of them are GOOD. Almost all of them WORKS. But obviously you can't execute all. It's very very VERY important that you choose only one to start with. If it's a traffic method, FOCUS on one until results come your way. An even than, DEFINE your results. It's not practical to expect 500 visitors a day rushing to your website by using just one source of traffic! At first, somewhere between 50-100 is considered a HUGE achievement.

    3. Remember that... THIS IS SIMPLE! It's not complex. All veterans here would tell you the same thing. I would say the HARDEST thing about Info Marketing is "Remembering that its SIMPLE!" Know this: There is a very high percentage of failures in this industry because they've manage to OVER-COMPLICATE every single thing.

    I know this sounds overly-simplistic, BUT ITS TRUE...
    "Perfectionism is just fear of failure in disguise..."

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    Don't spend money. Cut your teeth on free methods first.
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    Yeah its best to start without spending money. Get organic traffic, try article marketing, directory submissions, social networking, social bookmarking, classified posting etc. first and then go in for paid marketing.
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    Thanks for all the suggestions guys, ill try a few and see how i go!
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    Also, it helps if you get rid of the quick cash mentality first. Focus on LEARNING then BUILDING. Build a business. That's what separates the guys who make it from the guys who just pass through.
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    Also, if you are going to be spending money, make sure to TEST the traffic by buying 3 small batches and have them land on different pages. You'd be surprised to see how small changes to a page impacts performance.
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    I'll save you both a lot of time and regret right here from the get go. For right now, especially if you already have a site up, FOCUS on building a mailing list. Consider this above anything else.

    MOST marketers that I speak to, including myself, regret not having put more time into this from the beginning. Trust me, it is well worth the effort and will be a great payoff down the road if used properly.
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    You can't build a mailing list without traffic. Your first focus should be to network, build content, and everything will flow from there.
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  • One thing I don't here talk about is sub-domain! If you have a website already that focus on multiple products then use some sub domain for each product that you want to market for seo purpose!
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    Use the "search" function on this forum and type in your question. Most of the time you will find what you're looking for.

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    It would be the best thing for you to find forums which are relevant to your product or niche. Try with search term like "best 'your niche' forum list". The same principles are with finding relevant blogs. You can also build accounts on popular social media sites.
    The story behind this is that you need quality and unique, targeted traffic. This means higher conversion rate.
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    Build a blog and have your posts autopublish to your facebook fan page. Promote your fan page with free content premiums.
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