Should I include a membership?

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I would like to implement a section for my site that I will use to build a list and also start a monthly membership. This particular section is related but at the same time it has its own niche.

My question is..Is it better to keep it apart of my main site or is it better to just build a seperate site under a serperate domain for my membership site but have it linked and advertised on my main site?

1 site vs 2?

Hope some of you have some insight w/out knowing anything about my niche.

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    I think if you have only one site, your content will be seen by more people . You are sending all your traffic to one site so It will probably be more than two separate sites
    try and make this membership really interesting so people will be willing to spend their hard earned money for It . the membership must be worth the money
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    Originally Posted by Nickels View Post

    This particular section is related but at the same time it has its own niche.
    Use two separate sites! It gives you better control too, if you wanna use membership software.
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  • Profile picture of the author Nickels keep it seperate.

    Would using a sub-domain work the same?

    I would for people to sign ip for free in order to comment on and like posts for the main part..but for the paid membership, I want those people to be able to have an actual profile page.

    Any suggestions on how to make that work? Any plugins?

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      In that case i would say use one site to host and protect the content. Use S2member plugin. It does everything you need. Control free and paid content.

      Now, use a subfolder to host the pitch page for your product, and make sure you can promote it to the other niche too.
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    How much traffic does your main (current) site have? If it has a lot of traffic, then do it there. Otherwise you might think of separating it and promoting the other.
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    Use a sun domain dude it's super easy and you don't need to buy a domain. When you use a subdomain you can make a completely separate site. You would even need to install Wordpress on it again just like its a new domain.

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    I recommend using a subdomain
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