Email List:How long should I presell for?

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I want to provide value and build relationships before I start selling as it's a new blog.

Say I send out 2 emails a week on avg, how many weeks till I start blasting out offers?
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    In my opinion there is no specific period, it always depend on the value you provide to your list.

    Even you promote a product if the product your promoting is high value to your list, they will appreciate that.

    But my suggestion don't over do it, because if you it will be annoying to them.
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    There is no set time table. I would see if they take action on regular request, it's a good way to see how much trust you've gained. If they are responsive, start testing small offers then work your way up.

    Your offers should always be proportionate to the amount of trust you've gained.
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    If I am on an email list and the marketer is promoting product after product to me, I have to ask whether he/she has used all these products or are they just promoting anything and everything to me trying to make money. I will stay no more than a week or two on some of these marketers lists.

    Another thing. Don't go promoting many different products that aren't related. That's another red flag and a big sign the marketer hasn't a clue what they're doing. Your messages/promotions must be congruent and in line with what your subscribers signed up for.

    Creating a list just to make money is a bad idea. Never blast your list with promotions. Your goal is to provide value, so your messages should only be for that purpose... period. If you know what these people are looking for then you should be fine.

    Work out yourself how often you promote to your list, this should not be a problem if ypou have THEIR interests at heart.
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    Originally Posted by Michael Foze View Post

    how many weeks till I start blasting out offers?
    All the weeks. It's my opinion that you should never "blast out" offers. They should compliment what you're already giving your readers for free.
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    You should treat your list the way that you would like to be treated.

    If you're happy with churn & burn marketing where profit is key, then pick the best selling products and promote them, even if they don't really match your chosen niche.

    Why not try doing reviews on products that you would buy yourself? Also as you're building a blog you can mail out as and when you create a real quality post.

    No right or wrong answer to this question, just lots of different opinions.
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    You can just send something like 1 email per week and start something like 4 emails per month

    3 emails will be other things with value for your list and the next one mix it with offers! After sometime you can go 2-2
    The best thing is to build relationship with them so they dont get away from you!
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    When to sell should never be a question. As marketers that is what we do. The way you go about presenting your wares is key. Most successful marketers have used a oto and or upsell before the first email has hit the inbox.

    There is no reason not to sell in the sig file from email one. Build the relationship in the content body but always give them a chance to buy in the sig file at minimum because we never know at what stage someone is ready to buy.

    What happens if someone is ready to buy and you are trying to become a friend? Most of the time the buyer moves on.

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    You have to build a relationship and be their friend, but at the same time this is also a business, so if someone leaves you don't get all shook up. You should be very honest with them and say that from "time to time" you will be presenting offers because you think it is something they can use, that's being friendly and business-like at the same time!

    But if you start "blasting out offers" you get have heavy tolls on your list, with unsubscribes; so you have to walk a middle path.
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    If your sole intention is to start "blasting out offers" as you put it then your going to find list building very difficult

    By all means you have the ability to send out promotions now and again but don`t just think of an email list as your personal ATM which is what a lot of marketers do and that is why they don`t get anywhere

    It`s all about proving that you are an authority within your niche and you do this by sending out lots of great free info, this builds trust and credibility so when you decide to sell something or promote something many more people will pull out there wallet

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    There is no hard and fast answer but I tend to give it 5 or 6 emails before I send them an offer. You can also send out 1 a day if you wish, so long as you are not spamming them and the info is good.

    Originally Posted by Michael Foze View Post

    I want to provide value and build relationships before I start selling as it's a new blog.

    Say I send out 2 emails a week on avg, how many weeks till I start blasting out offers?
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    You must set expectations from the first day. You cannot send information for a month and then start blasting offers as your list will become accustomed to no ads. I would always have a soft sell in my signature that's subtle and non-intrusive. You can package your offering with a Tip Of The Week email that addresses a problem to people on your list which presents the offer as a potential solution. Don't ram your marketing messages down people's throats. Do it informatively and with a genuine helping hand and you will differentiate yourself from the masses who just don't get it.
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    Originally Posted by Michael Foze View Post

    How long should I presell for?
    It depends on what your subscribers expect and have been promised. You get to set their expectations yourself (don't miss the chance to do that - it's hugely beneficial!).

    This thread may also help you:

    And there could be some general list-building observations in this one which might interest you, too:
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      If you want to send 2 emails a week then consider sending 1 quality and related recommendation a week and 1 email with good solid info, tips, etc. without an offer.
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    One good approach is to educate your list by providing good information in your email and at the end of the email you may recommend the affiliate product you're offering.

    I suggest that before offering a product it's a good practice if you know what is the content of the product you're offering to your list.
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    Just send the offer and see how it goes. If you have enough
    people, then by sending a good e-mail with a good subject line
    should get you some sales, as long as the product is good.
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    Originally Posted by Michael Foze View Post

    I want to provide value and build relationships before I start selling as it's a new blog.
    What is "value"?

    If a person is seeking information on the best vacuum cleaner prices, would it be smart to send them a bunch of value packed emails before hitting them with a buy link?

    Value to that person would be links to pages where they can buy a vacuum cleaner at a good price.
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