Contact number for Tradebit? Not answering my emails. Help!

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I have an account with tradebit, but a couple of days ago, my password stopped working.

I emailed Tradebit support 4 times and got no response as of yet. I emailed support only after trying to retrieve my password via Tradebit's site. Even though the site says it emailed me a password reminder, I do not get the responses.

I fear my account may have been hacked!

Yet, I cannot get someone at Tradebit to respond to me via its so-called "support" email address.

Tradebit Warriors, I need your help.

Does anyone have a contact number or email address to a real person in authority at Tradebit?

If so, please share it with me.

You'd be doing me a great favor!

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    I found this number for them... (484) 685-4535. At the BBB site, their fax number is listed, so they may answer that also. The number is: (480) 275-3582

    Hope this helps.
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      Thanks very much!
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        Hi lastreporter

        I'm sorry that you are having problems with your password.

        If you email me your Tradebit username, I will ensure that someone resolves the issue quickly for you.



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          Let me praise Tradebit for a moment. I emailed their CEO last evening and he personaly took care of the problem along with apologizing. This is what I call great service. Also, I thank Steve Tradebit.

          Look, Tradebit has thousands of sellers, so this is something special.

          It proves to me that Tradebit is an exceptional company, and I intent to increase my inventory of products I sell on its site.
          gain, thank you warriors and thank you Tradebit. And of course, thank you Warrior Forum.
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    Glad its all sorted! Thanks for the update and positive feedback
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