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Hi There
Pardon me for this post but I need really urgent help.
I am new to buying website and I have a budget of 250.
I found this auction site on flipper

Do you think It's worth my 250? or should i wait? Cos it's ending soon.
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    It all depends on what you want to do? What are you planning on doing with it?

    Make a commission on your own gas and electric bill. Private message me for more info.

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      Originally Posted by chungacreative View Post

      It all depends on what you want to do? What are you planning on doing with it?

      There are many unanswered questions here. To start, let's get an idea of what you have:

      1. Do you have a business plan? If not, that's okay, but it will just sit there and do nothing.

      2. Do you know how you are going to market this?

      3. Do you have goals for the website?

      4. Are you offering something of value to others or are you just trying to make money from a website?

      These all seem like common sense questions, but you would be amazed at how many people just buy a website and then all of a sudden don't know why it isn't making money for them.

      Before you invest money into it, make sure you have a good plan. Besides, you can find great designers RIGHT HERE at the Warrior forum. Just go to the warriors for hire section and you can find some great deals from your fellow warriors for that amount.
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    I have never understood how people (sellers) at flippa manage to show how much their sites are earning. Its surprise to see people selling their sites for USD250 while their sites are making USD100 per month. Why would anyone do that. Looks fishy.
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    I wouldn't buy it. Site has NO traffic, NO revenue, it was just created last month. It's an auction site in a box ... you'd have to be a genius promoter to make it popular with all the established auction sites available.
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    Don't buy any sites only based on your impusles. Make sure you have a good plan how you are going to use it. Check the traffic source, SEO (not recommended), social media from fanpage, network sites are good and long term. See how he was making money earlier and follow the same. Verify and ask for proofs. Make a smart decision.

    My friend once bought a site on flippa that was getting 1000 visitos per day at the time. It went well for a week. Then another Google update, all traffic just vanished to 50-60 per day. No matter what it did, it never came back. You see you need to check everything before you buy something from others.
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    Don't buy websites its crap..
    Just Make a simple website and outsource it via freelancer or odesk
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    The site worth what you are willing to pay for..this site is new and have no revenue ..the only reason to buy it is to monetize it if you think that have potential..
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    The seller is asking for $500 and got 4 bids..why buy this site when you can get turnkey ready script for less than $150 ..I suggest you to go to godaddy aged domain (about auction),buy a nice auction script and promote your new website out there will make more profit
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    with no traffic and no revenue the price $500 is so high. Maybe for $30 you should buy it...otherwise not
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    This guy probably sold junk cars in a previous universe.

    "Hey buddy, I'm your best friend and I wanna help you. Have you ever thought about buying the Brooklyn Bridge? It is a proven winner. Let me help you make a mountain of money. I have a deed here I want you to sign."
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    I would pay most attention to the monthly revenue of a website, and it's traffic. If the website has no revenue, has no traffic - it's worth nothing. You can get the same with 30 bucks - doman and hosting - and set your own website with no revenue and no traffic
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