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Dear Warriors,

As opposed to asking if it is possible to make money with Yahoo! Answers, the answers is definitely Yes! but without spamming Y!A how is it done?

What exactly is the way to answer questions and make money?

Thanks very much.

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    Quality content is always the best way. You will never be called a spammer if your answers are quality and real. Taking the time will be worth it in the end.

    Make a commission on your own gas and electric bill. Private message me for more info.

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    How can you make money with Yahoo! Answers ?
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    • I recommend answering questions that you've experienced before or very knowledgeable about. For example, someone ask about product a and you know how to solve it by using a different product. So tell them how product b can help them in their situation the best way you can and at the end you can give them an amazon affiliate link. This is what I've done in the past.
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    There is mo such possible way of making money on yahoo. Yes you do earn points there and its the credibility of that person for answering question. It is a platform for discussing things with questions.
    LiveHelpIndia- Support and Sales with Smile!
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    Thats something new. I thought you can promote your website using yahoo answers but you can also through it (directly) ??? I am not sure.
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      I wouldn't used yahoo answers. my account got suspended yesterday. Pretty much I help, and answered people's weight loss question, and I had a link for them on source to opt in to my list, and give away a free ebook.
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    You can use Yahoo Answer to drive traffic to your sites. If your answer chosen as the best answer, a lot of people will visit your resource url.
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    It's very hit or miss with YA!....

    Even when posting quality answers to questions, you still can get banned if you link to a blog with very little selling/affiliate links.

    It's still worth a try but honestly, I would not put all of my eggs in that basket!

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      More and more people are losing their accounts, even though they don't directly promote their sites, and provide good information. Because of that it seems like a waste of time to me, and there are other things tasks that your could better invest your time.
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        Originally Posted by Bryan View Post

        More and more people are losing their accounts, even though they don't directly promote their sites, and provide good information. Because of that it seems like a waste of time to me, and there are other things tasks that your could better invest your time.
        I agree on this. Especially if you have a new account. I had an account, posted some great valuable info on weight loss without posting any links. I did about 7-10 posts in one day and another day my account has been terminated.

        So I never looked back since then.

        I guess it could work if you have an aged account with lots of posts and "best answers" on it.

        It was used to be easy to get traffic from YA, however not anymore. Just my experience.
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    For this you have to participate in yahoo answers and increase your this system you are on a particular level...and upgrade your level by answering yahoo questions...and once your level is reached to 5 or 6 or 7 then it is very helpful in making money...many gigs on fiver is related to should check there...

    If you're going to tell members to check your signature, this is what they'll see.

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    Ok, this is how its done, when I used to do Yahoo answers a year ago. This is what I used to do, I was targeting ex back niche then. You just go to google=>groups and type "get my ex girlfriend back" or any keyword, then you'll find few Yahoo questions from Yahoo, if they are still unanswered, answer them. Quick traffic.

    Next, I use the search option, to get the questions first with the exact keyword, such as, "How do I get my ex back after she broke up...blah blah..." When answering I make sure that I include the keyword in my answers (bit of SEO helps). Also answer well, you need to be picked as the best answer helps a lot.

    Then I collect all the URLs I answered and ping them and social bookmark them with free tools, so that it also goes up in Search engines (you can get lots of traffic for long time).

    However I left it now, doing Youtube marketing at the moment. Its easy and fast.
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    Sell your answer service.
    Yahoo! answers service

    Don't worry be happy!

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    Most of us think that blog commenting is a very low category way to get targeted traffic. It is because we normally hire a guy with very little salary and ask them to comment. They normally write....
    It is good post
    I like this post
    Very good post and I like it
    and so one..
    You see those comments looks spammy. You will not get good traffic from those type of comments. First you have to admit people who read comments are willing to
    learn more that is why they are reading comment so that they can learn something more from comments. It is the truth. If you can offer them some more information only they your comment will work as a real source of traffic.So you can take advantages of providing some more information to the readers to write around 2-3 paragraphs by either describing something in the article orcontributing something completely different than that of the article. If you do not have enough knowledge about your niche you should study before a wise commenting.
    You have to admit it that your comment can act as a pre-sell letter that can increase your sell. This is the most important part that not to be spammy. If your comment is well enough to attract the readers attention and informative the readers are more likely to click your link and will sign up in to your auto responder.
    I usually end my comment like this.
    ( nick name ) The Leading My Domain Name Site on the Net
    If you can follow this then a few commenting will do than that of doing thousand of spammy comments.
    Hope this helps.
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    You can do some money if you know how to blend your answer with the url where you have affiliate links or even if you sell items by yourself. All you have to do is to have patience to read the question and answer properly.

    Or to be paid to post on Yahoo Answer ( like i am, from time to time)
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