can I make money in very competitive niche?

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Hi everyone, I have been considering starting up a website in the dieting/weight loss area and have been told that its not worth it as the weight loss niche is over saturated.

I keep hearing I will need something original to compete, but is there really anything original out there any more, I have been thinking of ideas and eveytime I think I may have something, I check and its been done already,

Is a well laid out site with good informative articles no longer enough to enter this market. The last thing I want to do is start a site and put lots of effort and money and not even have a realistic chance of succeeding.

Could anyone with any knowledge which I'm sure is most of you give me any advice. I,m unemployed with a family and desperate to start making money as soon as possible.

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    You can start your business in high competitive niche but don't expect fast results as money.
    With more competition comes more work and the results will appear later.

    And with SEO is a long run. If you looking for quick money, try maybe PPD site or CPA and promote it on forums, social sites etc
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      Originally Posted by Caprica View Post

      You can start your business in high competitive niche but don't expect fast results as money.
      With more competition comes more work and the results will appear later.

      And with SEO is a long run. If you looking for quick money, try maybe PPD site or CPA and promote it on forums, social sites etc
      How long do you think it would take on average to start earning, assuming everything else is in order?
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        Its all about keywords. Even in competitive niches you can find keywords that are not very competitive but still converts pretty well. If you are planning to go with Weight loss/ diet. Then target a smaller market first.
        e.g how to weight loss for old, natural weight loss etc.

        From my experience, I tend to go after competitive niches as I find them easier to sell that's why there is so much of competition. Also, you need to find the right kind of traffic source to monetize it.

        SEO can takes months if you want to see some good results. Try social media,
        Personally Youtube is one the best traffic source I find. Find a good keyword and you can get it rank in a matter of 3-5 days with a nice strategy. Instant traffic and instant sales. Try it!
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    You need to find a unique standpoint and explore an extremely narrow niche within the main niche to make a big impact. Once developed you can scale it and take over other niches within your overall niche.

    If you are already out of a job and need to make quick cash you will not be in the right mindset to make the money in a competitive niche. t does take time and you need to be aware of this.
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    My advice would be to not worry about how competitive the top few keyword phrases in the niche are. Just build a high quality website with tons of unique content, and focus on getting backlinks that bring your website some authority on the topic. Once you do that, Google will send traffic your way for lots of 2nd tier keyword phrases and sometimes the traffic from those is just as good as the traffic from the top few phrases.
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    If you're passionate and knoweldgeable about the topic, go for it. Make sure your content is super high quality; your design and layout of site is very appealing; you post frequently; You network on related blogs, Groups, forums, and Actively produce content and promote big social network pages like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube -- as well as topical social networks.
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      The most money are made in competitive niches. So, yea, of course you can.

      As headmaster211 suggested first start niche in a niche in a niche. And then expand from there.

      If you are thinking of using SEO, make sure you do a very detailed keyword research. It's very easy to create a website on weight loss and see 0 visitors in your Google Analytics been there, done that. LOL.

      One more thing..for traffic, I've had luck using Youtube. Surprisingly, seeing how much videos is uploaded in that niche, my videos still receive a pretty healthy amount of views.

      Even though it's a competitive niche, but the demand is so huge that you can still get a slice of that traffic.
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    Don't worry about competition - there ARE always gaps and keywords you can use and the fact that it is competitive means there is money in the niche!
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    Going for big and 'growing' niches like dating, MMO and forex has one BIG advantage..

    It is easy to buy good targeted traffic..and build a big buyers list.

    If you're looking for a proper long term business model where you can get new customers every month, then its a good idea to go for the BIG niches.

    Just buy the best products in the market for your niche, absorb all the knowledge and implement it. When you do that you will start to notice little 'gaps' in the method/technique shown in that particular product.

    Now all you have to do is improve upon it and put your own twist to it and add more value to it. (Video, mp3, Skype Group membership, Elite facebook group and weekly webinars, email coachingetc...)

    Before you know it, you will have your very own product. Now build your buyers list. Now make another product, A short report, a interview (should provide insane value) and sell it for a very very low price....($1, $7 or something) and start building your 'buyers list'.

    You can now package your product(e-book, mp3s, videos,mindmaps) and and then sell it to your list at like $97...and then an upsell (Skype chat consultation sessions etc.) at like $47 and then somewhere down the line offer them a membership for a 'private facebook group' for like $27 a month where you provide them with advanced strategies and weekly webminar session, hold referral contests (The person who refers the most people to your membership site gets a huge cash prize) You will not believe the buzz an event like this can create for your product.

    Hope this gives you a clear picture, Good luck
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      Thanks, some great responses, what do you guys think about the self improvement/confidence market aswell, has a big market and not much competition? Could it be better than the weight loss niche? or is it difficult to monetize?

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