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If one is going to build backlinks, is it possible to do it effectively without using fictitious profiles?

I would imagine that Google would view suspiciously a large number of links (even if built slowly over time) from two or three people as highly suspect.

Some of the automated approaches (e.g., Magic Submitter) allow you to create multiple profiles which MS will use to create blogs and other accounts as part of a link building strategy. They show as much in their instructional video.

Is this necessary? If so, how many identities are needed for how many links? If one just uses a single identity, will that detract or eliminate the benefits of the backlink building?

Thanks in advance!
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    I wouldn't use any sort of automated tool for building backlinks and I also wouldn't focus exclusively on 1 technique like forum posting. If you just market your brand the backlinks will happen naturally and you'll be safe from Google's mission to rid their index of spam!
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      Would you have suggestions as to how to market my brand?
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        Forget about gaming SEO with unantural linking building, but treat your site like a real business in creating solid content and experience first as your foundation. Then forget the link building mentality but rather social network online where you can link back to your site or social network properties where you can then link back to your site and posts.

        Web 2 Social sites are powerful too, but make sure you treat them as real property and that you get social and provide a lot of good content. There are people bascially use that framework to make 6 figures, but the problem is many people take the poor man and taking approach instead of giving help and improving user experience.

        Reverse engineer some of the most successful sites that are ranking now, and you'll see they are not gaming SEO but rather providing epic content/and great experience (in many cases) and are not gaming SEO with exact phrases and all the other SEO elements that were used in the past to game SEO.

        Google was successful in squashing most sites that were gaming SEO and I find that Search as improved as a user, for I still thing Google is the best Search Engine, and probably even more so since the recent alg. changes, even though some of my sites were adversely affected.
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        Originally Posted by ND254 View Post

        Would you have suggestions as to how to market my brand?
        Yes, as others have said you want to put out high quality content relating to hot topics in your niche. The easiest way to do this is post regularly to an on-site blog & send updates out to your social profiles. If you use this technique to build social followings that actually care about your topic, it will turn into brand recognition & natural incoming links. I had a pretty cool infographic made that graphically shows the entire approach that you can see here.
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    With the approaching update I'd hold off until I knew what they were flagging with this new google update personally.
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      With all of the latest changes, the BEST way to build back links is by posting and creating GREAT content EVERYDAY... you want to write Blog Posts, Create Videos, MP3's, use a lot of different types of media and people will pick it up.

      You can write a Press Release that will help you get some good exposure and help with back links but make sure it is for something really good..

      Hope that helps !

      Jeremy Lee Henderson

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      Originally Posted by aroth View Post

      With the approaching update I'd hold off until I knew what they were flagging with this new google update personally.
      I'd would say that people remember that that the internet is about people and to focus on providing an amazing and helpful experience for potential visitors, and interacting them in top social networks, authority blogs, and share newsworthy info with Press Releases.

      If people do the above, without trying to game results -- they'll most likely come up on top.
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    Get active on Social Media sites such as Facebook and Twitter but make your aim to build relationships with people rather than be pushy about your product. Put your url link in the description of your FB page and TW profile so if people want to find out more they can easily get access to it.
    Good luck
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    • Automated link building shouldn't be your first option. Try to build links manually. Start by creating link worthy content. Create social media profiles and promote your site. Link back to your content from blogs, forums, and social networks.
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    A lot of the "automated" approaches end up hurting you in the long run....I don't know what your site/brand is about but it really is about adding value to your end user.

    One suggestion is research some keyword phrases that revolve around your brand (even long-tail phrases) and then develop some videos on YouTube revolving around those keywords with your main website link underneath the video.

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    Stop thinking about backlinks

    Think about putting out content

    content that is being searched
    for a lot

    here use this in Google "keyword"

    syphon through the results
    and you will see what's in demand

    You will get ideas, I hope you
    understand the power of this
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    Penguin made those profile backlinks useless.

    focus on high quality content and start posting on Article directories and Web 2.0 properties

    Contact me if you need help.. I help newbies everyday

    Established webmaster since 1998. Bought my first domain name for $70 and had to pay $1000 a month for hosting. It was the good life

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    Build your backlinks naturally, and make them relevant. The #1 way to get the highest quality backlinks is by providing some EXCELLENT information on your site, and getting others in your niche to link to it - and share with the people on their site.
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    there is no problem having your backlink using single profile and what ever tools you are using ..what you must effectively consider is the timing its might be so insane for one to set to get bunch of links of thousands without time out with your software consider software that takes its process at a steady pace and good spread of timeout ....
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