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I'm writing an EBook on finance. I have never done this before. I see here are many companies offering web sites that compile your book from a works or word doc into an EBook that can be sold. Also companies offering template web sites to market the book with security features to protect the book. However so many have all these extra fees. One site charges you for every book sold over and above the merchant account fees.
Can anyone recomend a service that "does It All" for a reasonable cost? Anyone with experience writing and selling an EBook? THanx!
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    Are you looking for a software to compile your ebook with or a company to sell it?

    Mommy Enterprises
    Helping Moms Make Money At Home $$

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    When you say compiling your book - do you just mean converting a .doc file into a PDF? Anyone can do that, the simplest way is to get OpenOffice and it has an option to save it as a PDF file (aka eBook).

    As far as templates or minisite design go, there are plenty of designers here or you could purchase or find some templates to use for a sales page / minisite.

    And you could sell the book yourself (through various sites - like Paypal, e-junkie, etc.) or head over to merchant sites and sell via Clickbank, etc.
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      You can tell I'm new to this, Yes I would like to compile the book into a PDF I guess that I can then sell myself through my own website. There is a co. NeoBook that has a neat deal, puts it in what appears to be a book form, tags to turn the pages Ect, but have trouble understanding the tutorial on it, not that it' difficult, my brain just does not think that way.
      Secure Ebook has the complete package for about 400 bucks, but charges a fee per sale on top of the web site price, Too much I think!
      Thankyou both for your input!
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        Do a search of this forum for a free program called PDFCreator. It will turn your .doc pages into a PDF file in a jiffy.

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          You may post your job requirement at odesk.com or getafreelancer.com where you can have so many choices of providers that would render service for your ebook compilation and sale as well at a very flexible rates. Just make a try mate.
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    When creating your first product do things cheaply without sacrificing quality.

    Use PDF Creator (free) to create the PDF for your ebook or the free software found at OpenOffice.org.

    To protect your download use the very inexpensive services of e-junkie.com or get the free download protect software at smartdd.com (but to be honest, I didn't protect my downloads for years and had no problems).

    I found my first web designer on ebay and have been using the same site design to sell my first ebook since 2004. I spent less than $100. Just make sure your page looks clean and professional. It doesn't need to have all the bells and whistles to make a sale.

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    hire a person on sciptlance.

    “You live longer once you realize that any time spent being unhappy is wasted.” Ruth E. Renkl

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