buy domain? where to buy at a good price?

by nohypo
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I need a lot of domain, where to buy at a sound price?
godaddy , bluehost's price is too high, can some one help me ?
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    I use NameCheap and Godaddy
    Have a look for discount coupons on Google
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    If Godaddy's prices are to high for you then I don't know. You wont find much cheaper elsewhere. maybe go for .infos...
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    I dont think $10 year is too much to pay for a domain
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    Godaddy and NameCheap. Unless you are going for Private, Business, Deluxe and Protected Registration. Which is cost more
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    FYI, I think NameCheap offers private registration for the first year free on all new domain names.
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    Just google "coupon codes godady" or "namecheap coupon codes" and you will find bunch of sites offering discounts to register your domain ..

    Good luck
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    I use Host Gator for my regular site and I use the default hosting domain service for

    I got a .01 coupon when I signed up and they have been great for me so far..
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    If you want to protect your registration information,I would say NameCheap is the best.They offer free WhoisGuard for full first year.

    However,NameCheap's service is costlier than that of GoDaddy and if you have to register several domains,it can add up fast.

    So if have to register multiple domains and are ok with your registration information being public,GoDaddy is the better option.
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    Like other WF users, I use NameCheap mostly for the free whois guard service provided.
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    The cheapest place I've used for infos at $1.99 with no minimum buy.
    .com, net and org are also cheap.
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    I buy from SOCHEAPHOST. They give me full control of mine domains.
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    I personally use HostGator as a web host. The packages start from a mere $4 to $12 a month, and it is an absolute bargain. You can have access to UNLIMITED memory space and the interface is easy to use.

    It also has this option called QuickInstall that other web hosts don't have which easily installs Wordpress on blog with just a click of a button. The 24/7 service helpline is also another plus point and they are very polite and friendly. The helpline is toll-free meaning you don't have to pay a single cent when you call from international countries!

    I have written a massive guide on Link-Building and free traffic systems, you might want to check it out.

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'll be more than happy to answer your questions!
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    Namecheap offers the cheapest rate.
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  • Profile picture of the author zxboss has really cheap domains about $6 - very popular site in australia
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