does this way of list work?

by Glen P Banned
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you build huge list - build relationship for around 3 LONG YEARS without promoting a single product and going in loss with high autoresponder fees.etc. but for a reason you cannot help yourself are not allowed to promote anything that'l lmake you money..for around 3 years ..but once 3 years are over you can promote as many as you want - is this worth doing ?remember I CANNOT promote anything that'll make me money ,it isnt my choice not to.
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    I don't think you necessarily need to wait 3 years. I like sorting the lists I have. Let me explain. Make a new list inside your list with people that are looking for more information and are hungry for it. Those are the people you can sell to. The other people won't get scared away but still may be potential buyers because you are still actively writing to them.

    Make a commission on your own gas and electric bill. Private message me for more info.

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    Think about it this way. Are you as a person interested in the exact same things you were 3 years ago?

    People lose interest, for instance myself 3 years ago I used to play tennis. Now I haven't played the game in over a year, and it would be hard to sell me something regarding the game. I already have the racket, you might be able to sell me some shoes. That's it.

    If you had caught me 3 years ago I would bought way more tennis related stuff then I would today. People go through phases.. I would say that time period is too long. You should of course build a good relationship with your list. This includes giving them freebies and selling them good products. This will build trust.
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    You need not wait 3 years.You can sent them valuable info for about 2-3 weeks and send them one offer the 4th week.
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    they didn't understand your question, you are not allowed to promote anything to make you money,and it's not your choice, but i'm telling you, it is not worth it at all, forget it, 3 years is too long, how can you tell that your list will stick with you for 3 years, i never did that.
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    This does not make any sense to me.

    You want to a make money?

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      Hmm, wait 3 years to promote a weight loss offer to my list? It's not gonna work in my situation, most likely there gonna leave to find another solution to lose weight, or there already lost a lot of weight 3 years later.
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