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I need your opinion please.

I find it hard to maintain a blog. I am planning to change my blog to website. I will be taking a short term course on how to make a website this month.

Is it a good idea to create a website per keyword? I monetize my blog using google adsense, infolinks, and chitika.

Thanks for all the replies.
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    I would still use keywords on my website, especially long-tail keywords. I guess it also will depend on how you market your site, or if you rely on organic traffic.
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    have you thought about just taking the date off of your posts. If it's evergreen content, then the date won't matter and it will pretty much be like a "website". But to answer your question, I would do a keyword or 2 per page not just per website.
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    A blog is a website so I'm not sure what you mean by changing it to a website? You mean you would rather have static content that has no date on it and people can't comment on? That's the only difference between content on a blog and content on a normal site. If that's the case then just use Wordpress pages instead of Wordpress posts and your problem is solved.

    Maybe I'm missing something and there's other reasons you would prefer a static website over a blog?
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    1-2 keywords but need to include LSI words to get the best Google Love!
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    Essentially it doesn't really matter whether it's a blog or a static website - the content is what matters.

    Now of course, some Wordpress themes might be wrong-coded, there are better and worse alternatives, etc. but at the end of the time what you present to your visitors, how you do it and how you monetize the site is what really matters.

    What most people advise and do (me included) is target one main keyword per every site that you create and then target some other relevant keywords (relevant to the main one) with internal pages within such a site.
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    First off, I wouldn't suggest you change your blog to a website. Search engines love blogs!

    And there are more people switching from a static site to a blog now so I see no reason why you want to go backwards.

    Yes, updating and maintaining a blog can be painful at times but Google loves fresh updates.

    Unless you want to drive traffic from other sources (PPC, etc.) I recommend sticking to a blog.

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      Each page on your website is treated equal...so you do not need a website for every KW... that said...if an entire site is for one keyword only then that is ok....usually you have many Kw's and different landing pages...

      Dont change from your blog unless you have a really good reason....all the reasons replied to this thread are good ones to keep the blog, fresh, consistant etc...just make a goal to post once a week...you can do it.
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