I have around 70-80 domains, all expiring within 3 months

by Glen P Banned
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So last year I had a lot of spare cash and registered a lot of domains..just becuse I had nothing better to do with the money :p
These are not too special domains,but good enough.I need to sell them now before 3 months
I just bought and kept them away..thinking I'll renew next year..but its not at all worth the renewal fees for 80 domains,really.

ANy ideaas to accomplish this warriors?
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    A lot of us throwing dozens of domains each year. Welcome aboard. This is everyone's sickness...

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    Yep, agree with Adie. Personally I just let them go bye bye unless they are making me more than they cost.
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    I too am a recovering domain addict! My recovery has included focusing on one or two domains at a time, set them up to make money and move on. I keep the ones that stick and the others I let fade into the darkness.

    I'm sure there are enough of us to start a DAA group!
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      Like a lot of people, I've tried to unload my collection of parked domains - even paying to have them listed. Never got one bite. My sense now is that unless you have an exact-match dot com, it's going to be tough to find a buyer. I didn't used to mind so much paying the $10, but now at $15 I'm having to just let them expire.
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    Yep ... you might just have to eat it and let them expire. I've let hundreds that I should have never registered expire and don't register a domain now unless I have an actual need for it right now.
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    Put em up for sale... better to get even a couple dollars back out of a few of them at least

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    "On Every Call a Sale is Made.... Either you Sell them, or they Sell you on why they can't Buy"
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    Turn them to private blog network. I did that for many of my domain names... Afterall, they should be aged domain names and aged domain names have some value.
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      This happens to me too. Every week, i receive renewal notices from my domain name registrar. I let some go while I keep the ones I believe I will be needing soon.

      If those domains are not useful or will not be useful soon, you can let them expire.

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        Check them all out and see if anyone wants to buy using one of the many services online. The last thing you want to do is get rid of a domain name that you could make 100K on. Trust me it's happened before.

        If you come up trumps just get rid of them.
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          You can sell them at GoDaddy Online Auctions Sale, you might get a better deal.
          See below please. thanks.
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            I've also wasted quite a few domain names over the last 4 years, by buying them, not using them, not managing to sell them, and eventually letting them expire.

            One that I allowed to expire changed hands again not so long after that for a 4-figure sum.

            The last time I had about 12 that I wanted to sell in a hurry, I put up a very simple one-page blog listing them with figures for "offers invited above", put a clickable button in my sig-file in this forum saying "Stylish Domain-Names For Sale" (which they were), and sold about half of them very quickly indeed at prices up to $150. (The other half I couldn't sell at all and didn't renew). That's how it is with my little domain-name sideline: I sell about half at a good profit and throw the other half away at the end of their year. I'm still learning. But I suspect that this forum really isn't a bad place at all to advertise domain-names, if you go about it something like that.
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    Sounds crazy but for whole year you haven't done anything with those domains so just let them expire with no problem !!

    Before letting them expire ,take a moment and check if you have some winner ..it's not he first time that I heard the same story " I let my domain expire and someone picked it up "..

    Apparaise your domains here : Valuate.com - Free domain name appraisals it's not very accurate but you will have some idea about the value of your domains ..this tool use estibot API ..if you got maximum domains allowed error just clean all browsing data and retry..
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    try to sell them at godaddy auction, there might be some buyers interested with your domain
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    1. Cherry pick those that have value and lower the cost of renewal by transferring them to another registrar.

    2. Sell the rest in a bulk sales like 50 domains for 10 dollars etc to recoup some loses.

    Ever notice that people who spend money on WSO, memberships and courses, are always complaining about being broke and not making any money ?

    They should have bought ASSETS instead.

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    Originally Posted by Adie View Post

    A lot of us throwing dozens of domains each year. Welcome aboard. This is everyone's sickness...
    how do you mean sickness?

    or you mean it is a waste of money, as the domains have been wasted?
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    Pm me your list. I know a few billionaires.
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