Recruiting Affliates Tips!

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I have been brainstorming lately about how to recruit affliates for my new product I just released.

Heres what I have so far:

1.Im giving them 5 articles written around 5 longtail keywords

2.Im givng them A free guide they can give away to readers that has my product affiliate link embedded in it.

3. I created a guide that shows them how to make money with article marketing. I show them how to write their bio boxes, title, useage or keyword phrases etc.

4. Giving them a keyword list of longtail keywords

5. Giving them banners for my product

6. I also inform my affiliates that they can use my articles for things like yahoo answers, forum posting, squidoo, hub pages, social sites etc.

So what else am I missing? My product is on clickbank but basically I want to make it as easy as possible for my affilaites to make money.

Im open to any ideas I missed
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