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Howdy WF,

Let's say I've created this awesome new product and I desire to sell it. How/where do I sell it?

Do I sell it through Clickbank or Paypal? Do those sites then "host" my product, or after the product is purchased, they'll be re-directed to the download page?

What about refunds? Would I personally have to manage refunds, or do Clickbank/Paypal/some other service manage it?

I'm just unclear on how to go about selling my product.

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    I think Clickbank definitely is perfect place to sell your product as many affiliate marketer (include me LOL) will help you to promote if your product is good.

    Some of them say paydotcom also can be done but I do not study it yet...

    Anyway what kind of product that you are selling?
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    There are so many ways you could go...

    1. You could have your own website you sell on (this is what I recommend).
    2. You could sell with Clickbank.
    3. You could sell with Paydotcom.
    4. You could sell with Share a Sale.

    I would recommend going with #1 and then numerous others as well.
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    You can set up a squeeze page and sell it directly with payment going to your paypal.

    You can sell it on clickbank or any of the other sites like that.

    Generally, you have to handle refunds.

    I would suggest you search this forum and Google for the information.

    There are lots of free step by step resources on how to build lists and sell products with squeeze pages, thank you pages, download pages, etc. etc.
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    PayPal is simply a payment processor. They do not host your product; they just basically give your customers a way to pay you.

    When using PayPal you will have to manually give refunds to the people who request them.

    Refunds won't be a major problem if you create a quality product and represent it fairly in your sales copy.

    All the best,

    "Ich bin en fuego!"
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    clickbank will manage everything for you. you may use also use paydotcom. if you are looking for thorough instructions, read John Thorhill.
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      I think that Clickbank can be the best choice.
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    You can do it through Clickbank
    You can do it using DLGuard for secure payment/product delivery
    You can run a WSO in the Warrior Forum and use Warrior Plus, DLGuard, Digiresults, Digibilly, JVZoo, etc. for product delivery/payment options
    You can use ejunkie for product delivery/payment

    You have a lot of different options. If you run a WSO, you need to join the War Room first ($37 one time fee). Then you can create your WSO and choose the payment/delivery option that you want.
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    Yeah you can sell it via Clickbank. I would sell it via your site also. Have paypal as your order processor. There's always Tradebit, Payloadz, and ejunkie. Let your price dictate what you do.
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    I just uploaded a couple products to Payloadz - The products should be interesting for a special niche group - so not too much competition, and yet quite nice affiliate fees.
    But selling in market is new to me, lol, and looking for some great warriors!
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    Using PayPal would be a far more independent way to do things.
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    Just sell it as a WSO and use WarriorPlus or JvZoo, you can recruit affiliates using these systems.

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    1. Create a site and sell it there.
    2. Sell it as WSO.
    3. Sell it in ClickBank.
    4. Help yourself by promoting your product too.
    Let's build your web presence together.
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