Success By The Inch Is A Cinch

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By An Inch Is A Cinch

Hope your plans for your online business are going well.

Just wanted to share a simple principle that I use as I approach my business goals which is as follows

Success by the inch is a cinch ... by the yard is hard!

Quite simply I break my goals down into smaller goals.

So for example if you wanted to create 100 articles by the end of 1 month, break it down into daily steps. Lets say you work 20 days a month ... 100/20 = 5 articles a day. To achieve your goal you simply have to write 5 articles a day.

By focusing on the smaller goal of 5 articles a day, you take pressure of yourself and know that after 20 days you will have hit your overall goal.

Now by applying this same principle across all your business goals you will be able to develop maybe a short list of things you have to do everyday.

As your business grows you should be able to outsource these daily tasks and focus on higher issues and then break these down into bite size chunks.

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    Great post on how to get stuff done.

    This will help people understand their work flow and it should help to them to actually doing what ever it takes to find their success - if they want it.

    Successful online business is a step by step process - not a one shot deal.

    This is another fatal blow to Mr. Info-Overload and Madame Confusion.


    "It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. -- Mark Twain

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