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I want to do a firesale using affiliates but what I have been told is that PayPal is not a good place to use for payment because they often have alot of fraud when dealing with digital downloads.

What I am wondering is:

1. Is this true about PayPal?
2. What other places are more secure for payment when dealing with digital downloads?
3. Where do I go here to find out more about getting some affiliates?

Thank you
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  • That's not true as far as I know. If you are selling a product through clickbank or somewhere reputable, then you should have no problems. There are several places you can use for payments, alert pay is another one. I would just google it and see what's out there, and then check them out a little bit before you choose one if you decide not to use paypal. You can go to any affiliate network to recruit affiliates. Clickbank is one of the most popular, so you might try them. You will also need to offer a nice commission to your affiliates as well as having a good description of your product, and a great sales page. If your product/sales page/description look terrible, then no one will want to sell for you. Good luck.
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      You're sitting in one of the best places right now.

      I don't really ever buy anything from Clickbank anymore. I have run into a lot more over hyped, hardly any quality content material there than here.

      Once you sign up with Warrior Plus here you will have access to a ton of great products to promote and of course be able to sell your own.

      WSO Pro can distribute your digital products for you, or you can use or methods like DL Guard or Get DPD. (Just Google Them).

      Tons of options and great money to be made right here!
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