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I bought 5 websites that had pagerank about 5 months ago, the sites were built with 5 pages of spun content. At this time the sites all lost their pagerank but still have some good links pointing to the domain.

If I were to build several pages of quality content and use that to replace the spun content would these sites have a head start over a new domain to build a site and links to? All the old page rank was pr3-4
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    It can't hurt trying. I'd give it a go myself.
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    In terms of replacing the content, you might want to add to the content and let the old content move to back pages. Every time I've replaced a bad website with a fresh new wordpress site, even though wordpress is more search engine friendly, the fact its a new website it seems to get hit for a month or two from a quality score perspective. So I'd add content, improve site but I would think twice before a scorched earth policy (unless you absolutely have too...)
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    I would say you'd likely be better off with a new domain name. I would rather start from scratch than start with a domain name that may be getting penalized or filtered by Penguin.
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      I would give it a try with one of the sites and wait a week or two to see what happens. And as it was mentioned above, I wouldn't remove the content altogether but place it in back pages and just "add" the new content instead of deleting the rest. Even though the pages aren't seen, at least they are still there and when the spiders crawl the site again they will see fresh new unique content which should definitely help in the long run.
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    Try it out and see what happens, if it doesn't work the only thing you have lost is time.
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