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by rimag
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I need to do a one-way webinar broadcast to about 500 people. After looking around via Google, there seem to be fair number of entities out there, but can anyone recommend a reliable, hosting service, that is reasonably priced.
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    GoToWebinar has been used by many marketers whose webinars I've attended. They give you a 30 day free trial. You can have up to 1000 people attending. Not sure what their regular price structure is I think something like $50 a month and up.
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    Yes, I would totally recommend GotoWebinar.

    If you only have one webinar to do at the moment then you will be able to do it with their free trial so you risk nothing at all.

    But it's definitely one of the better webinar services out there.
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    Gotowebinar is the standard. I also think MeetingBurner is a pretty good solution too and comes with a pretty good analytics package.
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      I agree with everybody else. GotoWebinar is the best. As a side note, Citrix Systems is the company that makes GoToWebinar and they have another product which is called GotoMeeting.

      This GotoMeeting product which retails for $50 a month on the Citrix website has a very recent addition to its functionality. It now includes a component which is called HDFaces.

      HDFaces is the first HD quality Videoconferencing product on the market. HD quality sound...HD quality images. This means no more flickering in the video conferencing....its all HD quality transmission.

      This blows the doors off of Skype if you can justify the extra few bucks per month.

      Its an absolute must for somebody like a virtual tutor who needs HD quality stuff.

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    I have used GoToWebinar for several webinars myself in the past with much success. They offer a 30 day free trial and as mentioned previously is reasonably priced after that.

    I have also recently been pointed in the direction of evergreenbusinesssystem.com. This is a more expensive option but from what I can tell it fully integrates into wordpress and is a self-hosted system (feel free to correct me if anyone knows different or more about this). It looks impressive, but no actual experience with it as yet.

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