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I am very new when it comes to all this IM stuff, which leads me to this question.. I have an idea on a domain name but the one I want is taken (but being sold at a high price) but the same name with '-' in the middle is available.. The phrase is searched 135,000 monthly (I hear that doesnt mean a lot but oh well.. Just for EXAMPLE.. "hotsellingtvs.com" is taken, BUT "hot-selling-tvs" is NOT taken.. (And again these are just examples, not the real domain I want.. By having those dashes between the words, is that going to mess me up on SEO terms?

Obviously this is a newbie question, but I am trying to start somewhere Thanks!
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    You'll get mixed answers on this one! Seems to boil down to personal choice. Some folks say that the hyphens are a no-no and will keep you out of good search engine rankings, others say that the hyphen gives you distinct key words.

    I say go to Domain Name Generator and have some fun coming up with suitable non-hyphenated names.

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    This is a very good question. I've had different domain names. i've found the easiest to remember names get more clicks but sometimes it's hard to find a good name. The dashes are hard to remember and I don't think everyone likes them. I wouldn't recommend them! Just giving you my opinion! I wish you lots of luck with your business!

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    Think like a human not search engine.
    Will you prefer hotsellingtvs.com or hot-selling-tvs.com?

    Always think like a human because google algorithm is always going towards that direction.

    Ever notice that people who spend money on WSO, memberships and courses, are always complaining about being broke and not making any money ?

    They should have bought ASSETS instead.

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    Just because the DN owner has a high price doesn't mean he cant come down atleast 50% or more. Just ask him questions. Give him your price. Domaining is all about negotiating. Seller may be in need for money so he would sell at your price. It all depends. Dont give up.

    Now as for hyphens, I'd stay from them unless its with only one hyphen and a highly profitable name such as 3d-printing. Brandables are just as good too.
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