Butterfly Marketing Script Membership Site - Issue with Mail Utilities!

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Hey guys,

I have one of those membership sites, sold by Bret Ingram (MyTrafficBusiness), which runs on the butterfly marketing script.

The site's mailing utility doesn't work. Scheduled emails don't go out. However, the initial confirmation and welcome emails do.

Contacted support long ago and they said they couldn't figure out the reason and that, to them, the site and settings look fine! They then stopped responding to my messages since a very long time.

Anyone else experienced the same with their built-in mail utilities? Does it have to do with a specific folder permissions perhaps? Would appreciate any hints...

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    There are a couple of things you can do, You can talk to your Host depending on who they are some are very helpful about issues like this and others are not, but its one method that can help the other way is to Google the issue and see if someone else has had a problem like the one you have.

    If that does not help you can always post a project on a freelance website for help there are tons of people out there that can help and most of the time they will do it for around 25 bucks or so, I would not pay much more than that unless its a huge issue, it should not take more than one hour to fix it, depending on your Host settings, (start there first)
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    Are the CRON jobs running? Check with your host.
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