Your product blows

by Scott Ames 3 replies
Anyone have any entertaining feedback on the same product where you get people saying how wonderful it is and others saying how badly it sucks?

I think it would be fun to read the comments. If you would please follow the format:

Product Name (optional) Type of product if you don't wish to reveal the name.
1. Glowing Comment
2. Bad comment

We can all decide who has the funniest post.
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    I'll start...

    John Reese's Doll Secrets 2.0

    Good: Received on Time Like Promise

    Bad: Sales page claims he's the life of every party and he sucked.
    Stole my girlfriend from me... that *******.
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      Oh I can own this post. Go to Amazon and look up "I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell." This is from the book description, but the reviews are about the same.

      "I am completely baffled as to how you can congratulate yourself for being a womanizer and a raging drunk, or think anyone cares about an idiot like you. Do you really think that exploiting the insecurities of others while getting wasted is a legitimate thing to offer?"

      "Thank you, thank you, thank you—for sharing with us your wonderful tales of drunken revelry, for teaching me what it means to be a man, for just existing so I know that there is another option; I too can say ‘screw the system’ and be myself and have fun. My life truly began when I finished reading your stories. Now, when faced with a quandary about what course of action I should take, I just ask myself, ‘What Would Tucker Do?’—and I do it, and I am a better man for it."

      "I find it truly appalling that there are people in the world like you. You are a disgusting, vile, repulsive, repugnant, foul creature. Because of you, I don’t believe in God anymore. No just God would allow someone like you to exist."

      "I’ll stay with God as my lord, but you are my savior. I just finished reading your brilliant stories, and I laughed so hard I almost vomited. I want to bring that kind of joy to people. You’re an artist of the highest order and a true humanitarian to boot. I'm in both shock and awe at how much I want to be you."

      "You are the coolest person I can even imagine existing. If you slept with my girlfriend, it'd make me love her more."
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