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I was thinking to monetise my site with pop up ads.

So warriors,
do you think it will harmful for my website?

if not which programme you will recommend?
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    I just started a thread asking a similar question. Pop up ads have a reputation for annoying visitors, but they have potential. You might have to run the extra mile with content with the case of pop up ads since they're less pleasant than banner ads.
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    Suggest is depends on a) the site b) the expectations of the target customer c) the ad 4) the offer from the ad itself. If all are aligned then might be seen as valuable by the customer. If the ad is irrelevant and an interruption of the user experience then you might try another way - such as an opt in and email follow up sequence. And that way you can build a relationship and switch in content and more relevant ads. Popups seem to be more one and done....
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    I wanted to know if pop up ads harm the SEO of the site or not. Cause I can't see any pop up advertising in ranked sites.
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