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by thedog
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Hi guys, I'm testing out Craigslist, selling cb products, using fiverr.

I've ordered 1 gig, that's promoting a product on craigslist in one part of the USA.

If I order another gig, to post in another part of the USA... do I need to make my ad different?

And, what's ghosting?
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    I have not had too much success using fiverr and other ad posting services. I do post ads for web design and I pay people in several different cities across the US to post for me, but they are not professional CL ad posters. When I advertise for them I do not say what the job is for. I just say clerical or something along those lines and only when I can communicate privately with them do I tell them what I need done. I built my entire business doing that.

    "Ghosting" is when your ad appears to be live but not actually displayed in the CL listings. It what happens when you pay people at fiverr...
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    Yes, if your gonna do all of this, and do it on a large scale, your either going to need to use a bunch of different people to post your ads or rent out a bunch of different servers--- if you don't plan on dedicating the next 6 months of your life mastering the method of making ads stick, then I do not recommend getting into it-- if you can get ads to stick, and you know you have a profitable model, then it can be like printing money at that point
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      Originally Posted by ACCT001 View Post

      I am a professional craigslist, kijiji and backpage ad poster.I have been posting ads in craigslist since 2006.Me and my team post 2600 ads everyday in various sections of craigslist. At the end of day, you will be provided a list of URLs . I have my own PVA ,US DSL and IP to post ads. Samples will be available upon request. I do not bill for ghosted ads.

      What are your rates, and what types of offers does your team promote (affiliate, CPA, Offline etc.)?
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    ghosting means that even though craiglist says your ad has been posted, no one will be able to see it.
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        I have been doing a lot of Craigslist posting recently. The hard part is when the say the ad is approved but it never actually shows up. If they just flat out rejected it you would know where you stand. I have had some better luck posting in the UK section of Craigslist.

        I have been experimenting with some Backpage posting techniques and it is going well.
        You cannot use redirect urls or urls that have been posted often and you should have at least 5 different ads and titles. For 100 ads I am averaging about 50 clicks. Not too bad.

        I have not found any great solution for posting lots of Craigslist ads. It is hit and miss for me.
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    Craigslist is hard for that. I've used completely different ads but for the same product. And all but the original were deleted. You could try backpage. It isn't so picky.

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      I have recently started doing a lot of craigslist posting, as well as I hired a few people on odesk to post for me, how do I tell if one of my ads is ghosting?
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        to see if you are ghosted, click on your ad link ( the one emailed to you from craigslist)

        Above the ad, in the breadcrumbs, click on the category, then search for the title of your ad.

        If you don't find it, guess what? It is ghosted

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        Originally Posted by TroyCo View Post

        I have recently started doing a lot of craigslist posting, as well as I hired a few people on odesk to post for me as well, how do I tell if one of my ads is ghosting?

        Just open a different Craigslist tab and look for your ad in the section that its supposed to be posted in.

        If you can't find it, than you've been ghosted, blocked etc...
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