[Email Marketing]What Is My Problem?

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Hi there,
I have run my first solo ads
The squeeze page convert very well but after going an email process of 5 mails (one per day during five days)
Nobody purchased my product.

I must do something wrong!

I'm thinking that is because the header for the squeeze page is the same than the sale page.

< Do you think that people will prefer completely different design, or is it ok like that?

< How many emails do you send during an email campaign?

< tip of email campaign works for you?

Thanks to answer my with some good advice.


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    Converting a freebie list into a buyers list takes more than 5 emails.

    You should be warming them up first...most subscribers you get from ad swaps are freebie seekers anyway.

    Try giving them some good content related to the product first.

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    You need to give them a raison why to buy from you. First of all give them some free advices or e-books, try to gain their trust, then you can sell them your product. If you have a lot to tell me, say it over a series of communications.
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    I agree with Charles Roger. You should also become friends first by giving some free conent and about 3-rd email should be one for selling.
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    Originally Posted by sniperdomi View Post

    I'm thinking that is because the header for the squeeze page is the same than the sale page.
    It is highly unlikely that the main reason for people not
    buying during your process is because of a header.

    The first places I'd look is at the quality of your traffic
    source and next the relevance of what you're offering

    Assuming that you have quality traffic and a relevant
    offer, then the next place I'd look is the strength of
    your copywriting skills.

    Do you know how to effectively sell via e-mail and on
    the sales page that they land on?

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    A high converting squeeze page does not necessarily mean your traffic is targeted. You can give away a free eBook about list building and it can convert really well, but if it's the same rehashed info that can be found in any other list building eBook then it's useless - not to mention you are now competing against the other marketers lists that person is obviously on.

    Unless your offer is memorable and provides real value, you will be forgotten very quickly. I said it before on so many threads, you MUST stand out from the crowd and give your subscribers every possible reason to open your emails. This can only be achieved by providing better value than the others. It's not that difficult because most lists I'm on provide very little value.
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    Well don't stress ..maybe your list is freebie seekers who don’t care how good your emails are..all they want is the freebie!

    I can tell you that it goes a long way towards building a relationship and a connection with a list ..treat them as your "best friends" ..why not make a sort of survey and engage them..ask them about what they want and give them exclusive information .. if you approach people as a human being, and ask them the right questions, they’ll tell you exactly what they’ll buy...remember (each subscriber should make you at least $1 a month..if not you are making something wrong )
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    That is the problem with lists built from solo ads/ad swaps.Most of these subscribers become freebie seekers as they are bombarded with freebie after freebie everyday.

    In your situation,the problem may be with your copywriting skills too.Get your promos read by a friend and let him tell you honestly if he would buy from your recommendations.

    If poor copywriting is the reason then you can either improve your skills or hire a good copywriter to write your follow ups.If that is not the case then you need to focus on traffic getting methods other than solo ads/ad swaps.
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    Thanks for all those great information. I start understand what is the problem I should give them value and try to get more trust from them.
    I will rework my email campaign and make my friends check my sale page.
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