Are you screwing around or are you building a business?

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It seems that in this "new" economy there are more people taking a stab at making money online than you can shake a stick at. But...therein lies the problem. Many people are doing just that. Taking a "stab" at it.

They may hear something cool about it from their friend, then do some search on Google and find some dude's affiliate site, buy a product for $37, give it a half-hearted attempt then piss and moan and say "it's a scam."

It's a sad story that you've all seen (or maybe even lived) before. But why? Why does that happen? Well, it's simple really. People fail to build a business. They think of "internet marketing" as a hobby or a get rich quick scheme.'s neither.

And the truth is, unless you commit to excellence and strive to deliver value to your clients or customers then you are going to fail. I don't care WHAT business you're in. You need to take care of your customer. But maybe I'm getting ahead of myself. You need to start your business before you have customers (usually).

So simply put, you have to define your business. I'll repeat. YOU have to define your business. Here's an example:

At [fill in business name] we strive to deliver quality products to people in the internet marketing industry. These products help our clients earn money from home and have financial freedom so their lives can be better spent with their families and friends. At [fill in the business name], we take our clients seriously and we faithfully serve them the best way we can at all times.


Simple enough right? Now that you have some kind of business idea, then you create systems to make it happen. You know the ones:
  • Squeeze page
  • Auto responders
  • Blog
  • Social networking sites
  • Product offers
  • Product creation
  • Joint ventures
  • Advertising
  • Growth, growth, growth.
Every day when you get in your office, ask yourself this question: "What action can I take today to give myself a raise?"

Then you rinse and repeat.

That my friend, is an internet marketing business in a nutshell. So STOP screwing around and build your business already eh!

Best wishes,

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    Defining your business is a great starting point..

    Then you need to "ACT" on your definition..

    I think there is too much "Hype" and not enough real business
    principles being applied by many online marketers nowadays..

    And this is never a good strategy for the long term..
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    Threads like this are scarce...

    Particularly true with newcomers is the belief that there is some special piece of knowledge that is keeping them from success. This drives actions likes buying one product after another instead of creating a systematic, strategic approach to online marketing.

    In fact an online business is built backwards. Starting at your overall objective and working backwards, identifying all the obstacles that stand in the path from A to B.

    Marcus Rockey
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      Good points to both the posters above. Action is key (along with not buying the next shiny object).

      I don't think I'm unique in that, I have a written plan for each day. Before I go to bed I know what needs to be done in my business the next day. Then, when I wake up, all I have to do is IMPLEMENT.

      As a matter of fact, even this post is planned. I schedule 15 minutes a day to forums. It helps me connect with like minded people and build my online brand.

      Brand. Hmmm....

      Now that's another topic for a different post.

      Happy marketing folks.
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      I'm new on this forum, but I agree with a lot of the points the OP made. I probably fall into the demography that he's referring to.

      I say that not because I'm afraid of hard work, but because there is so much information to absorb. At first glance, IM can be very overwhelming and a lot of people, such as myself don't know where to begin. Personally, I'm not quick to call anything a scam unless it's blatantly obvious, but I'm the type to over complicate things and think to myself "Making money online cannot be this easy". I always assume there is more to it or a catch of some sorts.
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    I think the main thing that people think is, that when they buy one of these pre-made sites for a low cost, and think it will just make a massive return, they seem to think it is either a get rich quick scheme, or that it will run itself and the money will come in. New people to the industry forget that anything of this nature requires, effort, time, and a plan for the future. You can't sit in your chair and expect the money to come to you, you have to go and get the money, then rest on your chair.
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    i think much of the problem is people want to buy a job, and at heart they really don't get the essence of working for themselves.

    the key to building a business online is starting with something people search for or a place people hang out.

    unfortunately many people getting into this business need to get out of the "franchise" model where everything is done for you.

    - you cannot be lazy
    - you cannot get all the answers in one place
    - you cannot pay someone to do it for you

    it is YOUR business and you must work it.

    is it simple... yes :-) if you think outside the box.
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    I feel as though I am screwing around most of the time, although I am building a business also.

    It's just that doing anything related to IM, seems to be screwing around.
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    The problem with IM business model is that there is too much distraction. You're sitting on a computer doing business, you can come up with a million things to lose focus like FB, checking your email, chatting and not to mention those Shiny little objects in the WSO section that you think will help you 'crack the code' of Online Marketing.

    What I think should be done to become successful in this business is, STICK TO A PLAN AND TAKE ACTION!

    Find a good course or better a coaching and STICK with it. Something step-by-step

    Divide your work into simple tasks that you need to accomplish everyday. Make thos tasks simple and easy and bite-sized so as not to overwhelm yourself. Your mind will always play tricks on you and will convince you that you need to do this, or read that before you start working. You don't have to know everything in the world to make money online.

    Set a goal for yourself and work towards it. This very important. Write down before you go to sleep to night, "I make $x,xxx per month" 10, 20, 30 times until you believe it. Believe that you can do it and you will do it, remove whatever is limiting you.

    Finally, find an accountability buddy, someone you look up to and respect. Make a promise to him/her that you will finish the tasks you set everyday, or promise him/her that 6 months from now you will be making $x,xxx per month.

    Make that buddy check on you and makes sure you do your work and if you don't do the tasks for the day pay him/her $5, I'm sure this will get you off your butt and make you work.

    Hope that helps.
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      Originally Posted by AhmedA View Post

      The problem with IM business model is that there is too much distraction.
      I think the IM business model is just fine. The distractions are human issues, not business issues.

      Now, back to screwing around...
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    Good stuff! Yeah, Im learning its the correct mindset one must develop! Seriosly, this is a business like you said, not a hobby, therefore we need to start thinking like business owners and that requires developing leadership and communication skill. I suppose you could add management to that as well! Its tough and is not easy but man I love how I feel in the head and the way it is causing me thing think differently
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  • Profile picture of the author Matt Carlson
    You have put together some very good points.

    There are basically three reasons behind people failing online:

    1)Many newbies perceive IM as get rich quick thing.So they buy every next shiny object and never bother to put anything seriously into practice.

    2)It is very easy to get overwhelmed when you are just starting out.There is so much information floating around and no definitive course on internet marketing.

    3)Lack of action is another prominent reason behind many failures.Many newbies get caught in the thinking that they need to be perfect before start selling anything and forget that perfection only comes with practice.
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    Most people who are new to IM will come with the mindset, when they see an offer online, that this is too good to be true, and it's far too easy, wherein they will quickly come to the conclusion it is a scam. They will constantly strive to obtain the 'new' money making online scheme, and forget the previous product they have brought. They won't stick, and won't take action. It's really easy to get distracted online. I know, cause I was like that.
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    Thanks for this thread, Shane. I'm probably repeating myself ad nauseam but I don't think internet marketing should be approached as a business in itself. It is 'marketing' ... same as marketing in the offline world so imho it should simply be a vehicle that carries your business from one point to another. If you don't even have a business in the first place, what are you marketing over the internet?

    I really like the way you put this simply especially for those who are new and not-so-new to this. Thanks.

    PM me if you want a romantic fiction ghostwriter.

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    • Profile picture of the author ShaneBoyd
      Kudos to YOU Kuala! You hit the nail on the head! We are marketers. And if we haven't something to market...then what the heck are we doing?

      For example: (offline)

      A pest control service owner is not really a pest control service owner. He/She is a MARKETER of pest control services.

      An internet marketer is not really an "internet" marketer at all. He/She is a marketers of xyz services. you sell affiliate offers for the make money niche? Then you are a marketer of those services.

      Once you make that mental shift, marketing your services will be much easier.

      Keep in mind that a business does require monetary investments. I would be as bold to say that if you are not investing at LEAST $200 a month in your marketing efforts online, then you are just fooling yourself and screwing around.

      Buy solo ads. Buy banner ads. Buy ads in ezines. Pay for some SEO and backlinking. Invest in your website.

      Oh wait...that's right. Some guru told you that you could make money online with little to no investment right? Bull!

      EVERY business requires and investment. EVERY BUSINESS.

      Invest in your business. Invest in yourself. And...enjoy the ride!

      Speaking of enjoying the ride...I'm currently at Walt Disney World and I'm heading off to Splash Mountain in a few. Nice!

      Happy marketing!
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