Maximize your online exposure with these three traffic generating methods!

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1: Article marketing. This is a surprisingly simple, yet very efficient and proven traffic generating technique.

2: Make posts in forums that are related to your website/blog topic. As a forum member, you are allowed to add your website link in your forum signature tag, so each time you make a post, your link becomes visible to all the other forum members. (Guess you already knew about this one, since you're here...)

3: Post comments on high traffic blogs within your topic or niche. Blogs allow you to add your website/blog link when you make a comment, and the blog readers, who are already interested in your particular topic, are going to provide you with a lot of very targeted traffic.

Utilize all three of these as often as you can. You'll have to do some work, but it will be worth it, and your website will love you!
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