Nationwide Advertising?

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I just came across a website called Nationwide Advertising and wondering if anyone has ever tried putting an ad out for their website in any of the newspapers on there?

It says, for $180, one can get one's advert in 1 million newspapers.

Anyone have any experience/thoughts with them?

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    Those are the little newspapers that no one reads. When was the last time you read your hometown's newspaper?
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    I just saw this recently too and was wondering the same thing...
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    Well it would never be any national news paper as they normally charge $50,000 for a half page spread (well its probably less as thats a national magazines like rollingstone or the economist etc. However, i should think it would still be around 5-10,000). Most small papers probably charge around $20-200 for a small add on their pages. For $180 i would assume they would be focusing purely on free trade papers or very tiny local papers which just is not really worth the money. Personally unless they are translating the add into different language 1 million newspapers is also a massive exageration and is more like 100, personally they no what you know, that you are never going to check 1 million papers for your adds. On top of all that any small local paper that either has free advertising or lower advertising rates probably is not worth the money unless you are selling something that is focused on the geographical region the paper is sold.
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      I also heard about those ads... but I just checked them out, and they have advertising in just one paper for a much cheaper price... the best advice I could give you is to test it yourself... depending on what you are advertising, you may have success... just my 2 cents...
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        It is a good resource for testing ad response, but to maximize conversions you need a fully tested funnel system and be sure to include a telephone number. Never try to sell directly from these ads - you'll fall flat on your face. You can just have a simple intro recording which directs respondents to optin for your offer online. ( works great for this type of marketing). Although more expensive, I have had better results (non-IM niches) with magazines, college newspapers, and large circulation daily newspapers from this website.
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    i think its too good to be true, it depends on you if you want to throw your money away with that kind of advertising
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    These guys, have been around for a ...long..long..long-time. Their deals, are great. You have to test it and see if, it works for you. Go for, the cheapest package, track it and see if you can turn..a profit. If, it works..keep doing it!

    I remember, buying a don lapree package(if, that's how his name is spelled) (yes, I bought from Don in the 90s ) and I had access, to that information in the 90s...
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    Have no clue about it,have just heard it from you
    Checking out to see what the warriors have to say.
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    I wonder if it is going to be the waste of time and money.
    Why do you want to go with something that is not much popular and people don't know about it?
    You have better options available like facebook, twitter etc.
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    I bought from Don in the 90s
    I'm glad I'm not the only one. I think I still have my copy of "Newspapers Newspapers Newspapers."
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    I never used it, but I think you will get better results by using local newspapers, that you know people pay to read. Here in Cleveland we have about a million weekly, paying readers and we only pay about $40 for a small ad.

    Also most people don't know, but these news papers have a massive email list of paying customers, and will gladly sell you a broadcast.
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    You'll be surprised on who reads the news papers. I saw this on one of Vick's Strizeus videos on youtube. I think the most expensive one is $1400. The only to know for sure if you start from the smallest one and work your way up from there.
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