Need Help with Amazon S3 and/or Altrntive for delivering big file media containing products

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Hi Fellow Warriors,

I need some help.

I've acquired resell rights for humongous products and can't figure out the logistics of how to actually sell them since they'd probably blow up my server (if I get lucky and actually sell a bunch of them anyway).

I can't figure out Amazon S3 -- there's no support unless I pay for an expensive upgrade, and it's geared towards much fancier things than what I want to do. And the explanations aren't basic enough to make sense and are generally for stuff I don't even want or need.

I use cyberduck (Mac) for FTP and would like to use that if possible.

Does anyone know of an easy how-to video or ebook on how to actually upload stuff, arrange it there, and
arrange for download when someone buys something, preferably without everybody else being able to get to it?

Or do you have other and/or better suggestions for how to deliver large audio or video collections?

Thanks so much.

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