how to get traffic to my blogs

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Please give me some advice
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    Originally Posted by mrhonored View Post

    Please give me some advice
    Rather than start a new thread... Use the search function
    and you'll probably find that your "question" has already
    been answered multiple times.

    For example:

    John's Internet Marketing News, Views & Reviews: John Taylor Online
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    Looks like you are just's a good beginner's guide to SEO: SEO: The Free Beginner?s Guide From SEOmoz

    Never Give Up!

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      Thank you very much
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        Yes, guys it is true that google is our friend and tell us everything

        But, for the quick recap I would like to mention few notes:

        The basic idea about how to get traffic is whether you want to pay for it or get him for free.

        You can easily pay to google adwords, choose your appropriate keywords, but you must to know what you are doing. There is most common crucial factor - conversion. You need to test with small and than begin a big campaign. Than are smaller companies, like bing with yahoo who are a lot cheaper and conversion is better, but still I do not recommending it for beginners.

        Free traffic is secure, and converts very well, because SEO is natural in terms of finding information. It is more friendly, than ads which the purpose is selling and if it is targeted traffic, the chance to sell is a lot higher. But that kind of traffic requires a lot of work and effort.
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    here are few FREE ways.

    Find high traffic blogs and forums in your niche and start participating in the discussion.
    Make few guest post, press releases.
    Use the power social media such as FB, Twitter, Pinterest
    SEO, get your site up the rankings for your targeted keyword
    Make videos upload them on video sharing sites.
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    You should go for media buying if you can afford it . Definitely the best way to drive traffic
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    For the Paid ones,

    I would probably go for PPC, cheap banners ads, POF, Facebook. These are the few that works best for me.
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      Originally Posted by headmaster211 View Post

      For the Paid ones,

      I would probably go for PPC, cheap banners ads, POF, Facebook. These are the few that works best for me.
      All your suggestions are good but all of those are paid options and I do not think that a NEWBIE will be interested to spend money to get traffic.
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    Back-Linking is the best method to bring traffic to your blog after the recent Penguin update earlier last year. The more back-links, the more traffic driven to your site!

    Here's a list of Back-Linking strategies that I use personally:

    1. Content Syndication
    2. Blog Commenting
    3. Sponsoring WordPress Themes
    4. Article Directories
    5. SEO
    6. Video Marketing
    7. Forum Marketing
    8. Web 2.0
    9. Ego-Bait
    10. Interviews
    11. Social Networking
    12. Fiverr Gigs
    13. Google PPC

    I've written a massive guide on Back-Linking, you might want to check that out for a more in-depth explanation on the topic.

    I hope this helped you! If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'll be more than happy to answer your questions
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    My favorite ways to get traffic to my blog is guest posts on other blogs and posts with long tail key words that has traffic and I can rank for.
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    Here's a way:
    • Research and use good keywords for each of your blog posts
    • Create awesome content daily - at least 2- 4 posts a day per blog
    • Include an amazing image with your blog post
    • Share your blog post on at least these 4 social media sites - Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest (create complementary accounts for each)
    • Stay out of publishing in bad neighborhoods - like article directories, etc.
    • Wash, rinse, repeat . . . daily for each blog

    In a month or so, you should see your blog rise in the pages in Google and thereby see more and more traffic as a result.

    It's about consistently creating good content and sharing on popular social media sites that Google loves.

    Hope that helps.


    PS: It goes without saying that this takes time... especially, if you want to do it with excellence & integrity (not using Fiverr to create fake likes, comments, etc.).
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      There is no easy way to create a traffic for any beginner. You need more than hard work, what you need is a smart strategy and consistency. Don't be afraid to risk some of your capital.
      Simple step:
      1. Learn SEO, input a good keyword in your article
      2. Publish it on article directories such as ezines
      3. Advertise it (there are many post about this topic)

      Happy advertise!
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    First of all you can buy traffic. Currently, the fastest way to get targeted traffic to any website involves using the little classified ads on the right side of search giant Google's results pages. Called Google AdWords, the system allows any advertiser to open an account with a $5 activation fee and start seeing their ads appear on Google within about 15 minutes. But if you are a beginner you may just lose your money because adwords is not that easy. You can borrow traffic from people who already have it... especially people with lists of loyal subscribers or traffic from search engines, affiliates, or other steady sources. Finally,tThe most economical way to get targeted traffic involves turning one-time visitors into regular, repeat visitors that you direct to multiple sites over time.
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    Providing meaningful and contributive posts would be a start. :rolleyes:
    Premium Quality Articles | Keyword Research | Link building/Social signal Services
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    Getting traffic to a blog is very simple! In fact there are so many ways to do it, that everyone has their own ways.

    Backlinking is a huge way to get started on getting traffic coming your way. When you have some articles out there with the link that is leading to your blog, you will get some great ranking in google if done properly.

    In fact, when using Squidoo you will find that backlinking is strong.

    Also, Networking really helps. Its smart to get involved in the community or niche that you are in because you want to get with the "Customers directly"

    A smart way to get with the customers, could be by doing things like webinars, skype calls and conversations over facebook. start listening to what they have to say and get involved in the community!
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    Well as your website is in english unless you are trying to market on Baidu i would not use the Chinese word for fashion as a keyword.
    Eastern Odyssey | The Definitive Guide to Asia
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    affiliate traffic, articles, press releases, its endless

    Build a Real Online Business from scratch today!
    Get Your FREE Webinar Training Here

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    Don't forget videos. The new big thing.
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    Dont forget for $5 you can buy gigs that will get you traffic fast

    i use fiverr a lot and it gets me traffic fast over 200 visitors some days

    Nick Walsh The Online Lifestyle Coach - Add Income.
    Work Less. Enjoy Yourself! Let Me Help

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    Blog commenting pays off in MANY ways: SEO, networking, and even blog alliances. Here are more details: Speak Up: The Benefits of Commenting on Blogs | blogging
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  • I like socialposter, you can go their and summit your sites to like 30 social sites! This will help with backlinks and help get your blog to the number one spot on google. Blog twice a day and summit each post to these site and you will began to start making money!
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    1) Submit to blog directories

    2) Article marketing

    3) Submit rss feed to rss feed directories

    4) Forum marketing

    5) Youtube

    6) PPC
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