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Having been online for 12 years, both as a business owner and copywriter, I've seen and talked to thousands of other marketers.

And it was just recently that something REALLY stuck out to me when it comes to making money online.

Out of the thousand plus phone calls and thousands of emails I've received from prospects who were contacting me to improve their marketing... I noticed an incredible trend.

Those business owners who consistently talked about making more money and having the greatest product... they were typically the ones who were struggling the most. They were the ones closest to being broke.

However, those marketers who repeatedly kept talking about "reaching more people, helping more people, solving more problems, etc.... in almost every case... they were doing better financially than those who strictly were focused on making money.

Those who would call me and tell me that their main goal was to make money... those were the businesses that typically just had an ebook, and landing page with poor copy, and pretty much no traffic.

But the folks I talked to who were more customer driven, who repeatedly would say things like "help more people, or solve more of their problems"... in most cases had several products, a complete sales funnel of low and high priced products, and pretty good marketing that was focused on helping the customer.

And amazingly enough, this ran pretty much parallel to my own life and career.

When I used to "chase the money" more often than not I ended up broke.

But when I started focusing on helping more and more people, the money started flowing in uncontrollably.


Not at all.

I've learned the true secret to making money online is trying to help out
the largest number of people possible... help them solve a problem.

It's that mindset that will bring in money.

If you're simply online, trying to do everything you can to make
money.... you won't be doing the things necessary in your marketing.

To make money online... find out what people want and show them
how to get it.

Problems, wants, and needs are markets... you wanting to make money online is NOT.

The bigger, more extensive and more painful the problem--- the bigger
the opportunity.

People don't buy without a want, desire, or problem.

So if you want to make money online, stop trying to make money online.

Instead, start trying to help as many people get what they want.

Do THAT... and I promise, the money will follow.
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    Perfect ethos for success and to live by. Thanks!
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    I love this philosophy!

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      Shawn...Love your attitude and I agree 100%. I hope more people read and follow your post.
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    Yes, totally agree
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    Amazing... I love this Article.
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    This was well said! Money is the by-product of being a good servant and providing continuous value. Chasing money leads to failure and frustration - chasing the desire to help others is were the big rewards happen =)
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    This sounds spot on to me. It's amazing how many people don't really think about satisfying a specific demand, and instead try system after system, never creating anything of value to anyone and wondering why they're not getting paid .
    In my experience, if your product or service is good, the money will come. If you're running a "business" that's all marketing and no product, that won't do very well for very long.

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    Great advice. It certainly made me stop and think about my own goals. Thank you for sharing!
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    I am agree with your post but i want to add one thing more that if you are talented and have knowledge anyone can earn very easy through online.
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    This is great post Shawn. Really loved it.
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    That seems like a good approach! Help others to earn money!
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    well said - chase needs not money when starting out!
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    Whats sad about this is I don't think most people will fully grasp what you're saying.

    Its probably one of the most profound distinctions a person can make. Not to mention I have seen the exact same thing in my life.

    The ones who struggle, are the ones with personas that reflect the exact opposite. The ones who do well, are the ones always talking about the "boring" stuff. The stuff that makes too much sense to most people. People always assume there is some secret they're not telling them, so they wind up ignoring the most important advice.
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    My mentor just taught me this. And it seems so logical in hindsight. If every day you hit the forums and blogs and anywhere that you can give feedback and your always helpful you'll naturally, over time, have hundreds of backlinks where you were being genuinely helpful. And people will read them and want to kniw more about you as a result because instead of saying buy this buy this you are saying "here's how i'd do it" or here's how others have done it. You literally don't need to sell just help and they'll find you.

    This was such a paradigm shift for me that i completed scrapped nearly 400 blog posts and started over from scratch wirh a teaching approach, and now i have many people coming to my blog after reading helpful advice i left somewhere on the internet.

    Just imagine if you had 1000 helpful comments all over the net and just 1 person liked your advice from each of those comments and clicked your link - you'd have 1000 visitors every day.

    I'm doing it right now. I just left a helpful hint. And people will want to seek me out because of it.

    = )

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    Nice... Great way of thinking!
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    Very simple but to the point. I could not agree more!!

    There is definitely something to this way of thinking. It's not a new concept, it's been around for hundreds of years.... It's in your Bible. (smile)
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    Great post Shawn.

    It's amazing that almost all of the successful marketers I've followed say that same thing :p
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    Totally agree with you there. I also found when I help people get something they want, my income increases as well.

    Thanks for reminding all of us about this phenomenon.

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    I agree with you Shawn. As Zig Ziglar said, "You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want." I wish more people sincerely approached what they do with this mindset.
    Instead of asking what can I do to get what I want? (Make more money) Ask what can I do to help (more) people get what they want?

    "The grass isn't always greener on the other side. It's greener where you water it."

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    Good tips Shawn.
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    great post and a great way to think!
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    • Profile picture of the author Michele Miller
      I truly believe that my business has succeeded because I help people
      and help solve their problems. I didn't set out to make money, only to
      provide an externship program for our local college, but eventually it
      grew so much that my business turned into the direction of my own online
      school. In fact, this year we are expanding that school 500%. It's amazing
      what happens when you really want to help people.
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    This demystifies exactly what I am thinning bout how to earn money online. Sometimes, people run after money and forget to ensure better services. Consequently, they earn less or no money. If the best efforts are provided and demands are meet, success are sure to come with a reasonable amount of money. Thanks to shawnlebrun.
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    I read your post. Your thought is very updated. I think many will be benefited by your post.
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  • Profile picture of the author jamiebarclay
    I completely agree with all of your comments, well said.

    The only other thing that has impacted my life in my business is to truly follow what makes me happy so I am emotionally invested and my desire is 100% lined up with helping people.

    When I have not followed my heart the money has also drained out of my bank account.

    Thanks for sharing this it has had a profound impact on me today and is extremely timely.

    Jamie Barclay

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  • Profile picture of the author shawnlebrun
    wow, thank you all... I really appreciate the kind words. even if it helps one person make that mindset/paradigm shift... it was WELL worth it!
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  • Profile picture of the author bunnywoof
    I am just starting out in IM and after reading your post i have just printed it out and have a copy on the pin board at home and a copy to take in the truck with me so i can see it and read it at any time.

    Thank you.
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    I totally like this concept and its the truth especially the part

    "So if you want to make money online, stop trying to make money online."

    Many people think its really easy and simple to make online money but I say it requires guts to do so.
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    • Profile picture of the author Horny Devil
      Nice post Shawn, and very true words. A shame more folk don't think like you.
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  • Profile picture of the author Topwriters
    Very well said. I hope people asking about the never ending question "How to make money online" will get to read your post. It sure will answer all of their questions in mind.
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    We should always try to focus on giving value and helping others! That's the key of having successful mindset.
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  • Profile picture of the author Patrick Batty
    Your post made my day. If I could buy you a beer right now, I would.
    Thanks very much.
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  • Profile picture of the author Roslyn Agosta
    Great post Shawn, very good concept and philosophy.
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  • Profile picture of the author shawnlebrun
    @ Patrick - haha, thanks... maybe that's the start of a new company... buying someone a virtual beer or sending them a small payment marked "beer money"
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  • Profile picture of the author Brad Berry
    This is without doubt is the true mindset of how to do Internet Marketing correctly, if everyone follow your mindset, I am sure people are less troubled in the Internet and be more happy each time visiting a website.
    My actual though in this philosophy ... it describe mine too
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  • Profile picture of the author TheBlueWizard
    The thing is, a lot of new people who get in to IM completely ignore the fact that they are still servicing a customer; a website visitor.

    People may be able to get the targeted traffic, a 'good landing page that converts', and maybe even make a few sales - but thinking in these terms is a great way to limit yourself.

    When it comes down to it, anything that involves making money (even publishing pages for adsense) - there's always going to be a customer. The better you cater and build trust with your customers (before you hint to them to make a sale/click) - the more success you'll find. It all comes down to trust.
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    • Profile picture of the author James Clark
      To the OP. Years ago when the Internet business started basically you could throw together a product and pay a copywriter thousands of dollars to juice up the sales page and you could make money. We have all gone through this period where we buy a product from the so-called gurus.

      My experience has been you can't build a successful business reading about how the gurus built theirs. The problem that I see is that people trying to make money instead of learning how to run a business. Learning how to run a business should be the first step!

      Social media (web 2.0) has change the way we do business online. If you put out a crappy product because of social media it will spread like wildfire. But it works both ways also. If you put out a good product and help people get what they want that will spread the same way.

      Finally, don't chase the money but chase being consistent is my model and mindset!
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  • Profile picture of the author jazzd1
    SUPERB advice!!!Thanks bro..
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  • Profile picture of the author DreamWarrior
    Money should not be the focus, it should be the bonus. If you are stuck on the money then it could take you longer to get it.
    The time to make a change is NOW! Don't regret not taking a chance in life.
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  • Profile picture of the author matchoo77
    Well put Shaun. I would also add that those people who are successful are helping people in "hungry" niches...a very important fact that marketers sometimes forget.

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  • Profile picture of the author zylun
    I agree, just like a traditional sales person who always praise their products and brags about it, that people don't understand what the person is talking about, while here comes a "friend" talking about this product that you believe every words that the person say's.
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  • Profile picture of the author Don Grace
    I can totally agree from personal experience. Short version of my story is I got to a point in my life where I had about 50 bucks to my name, 2 kids to feed as a single parent, living in a house my mom owned, no hot water, no heat (Both due to the fact I didn't have the 700 bucks to fill my propane tank), we cooked "top ramen surprise on a little camp stove and the three of us huddled around a fire in the living room each night to sleep as it was our only source of heat.

    Yeah, I know... typical IM story about how I was so poor etc, etc...

    Funny thing is IT"S 100% TRUE...

    Anyhow, at this lowest point in my life I decided to look into this "Mindset mumbo jumbo" because I had nothing to lose...

    Literally within a few weeks I started to make real money and pull us out of those dire straights. In fact that was the beginning of my first six figure year.

    What did I do?


    I stopped saying and thinking "How can I help me" and shifted my focus to "How can I help you"

    Shit works... use it.
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  • Profile picture of the author Truxx
    great words to live by. Focus on helping people achieve their goals and you will create your own destiny in achieving your own goals.
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  • Profile picture of the author Jarvis Edwards
    Good post, and it really rings true.

    After all....Opportunities are just other peoples' problems in disguise!
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  • Profile picture of the author internetmarketer1
    Great article. I truly do believe that helping others is the most important thing to do. Wonderful post.
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    • Profile picture of the author shawnlebrun
      The truth is, most internet marketing "gurus" do NOT want you to buy
      into this mindset of helping other people in order to make money.


      Well, because you'll be LESS likely to buy into their next big thing... you know... the new product, the new launch, the new course, all those "shiny new toys" they're promoting.

      you need this new super duper course or this amazing, incredible, never before seen course.

      Believe me, I've written copy for a lot of the top internet marketers, and I've been in the game long enough to realize that many of them are not in it to help people... but to rather sell "here's how to make money online" stuff.

      you know, selling the picks, axes, and shovels to the goldminers.... and never selling them the map to the actual treasure.

      They make far more money just selling the promises.

      If you want my long term formula for wealth, money, and success online, here it is:

      1. find people with a problem they want solved
      2. help them solve it
      3. rinse and repeat.

      honestly, it's that easy. sure, there's details for each of those.

      you need a large market, one that's spending money on solving those problems already, you need to be able to reach them, you want them actively looking, etc...

      then you need a product or service that actually HELPS them.

      then you need to reach as many of those folks as you can, either through google organic, facebook, adwords, articles, press releases, etc...

      and then you need to convert as many of those folks to customers as you can. that's where good copy and persuasion comes into play.

      but you should feel PROUD selling it if you're helping people, never feel bad about learning copy and persuasion if it's helping people get whats in their own best interests.

      there you have the breakdown of making money online.

      help people help themselves.

      find a large market with a problem they want solved, reach that market with proven traffic methods, persuade that market with good copy, and then keep helping them.

      instant business builder and possible empire.

      when i started online back in 2001, i had no idea what i was doing, but the credo of "help people" allowed me to make an incredible living online for 12 almost 12 years now.

      and that belief is what helped me sell over 2.2 million dollars of my fitness programs.

      So, whatever your niche... the next time you see an email from a "guru", simply ask yourself "will this product or service help me reach more of my market?

      Will it help me get more traffic to help more of my customers? will it help me learn copy and persuasion tactics so i can help more people take that step to help themselves?

      if it won't help you help more people, just delete it. you don't need that new shiny toy.

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  • Profile picture of the author Jbarros
    The secret is about offering something helful and of high quality to your costumers. Money is just a by-product of offering something great.
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    • Profile picture of the author James Clark
      The question that I would ask all of you in this discussion is this. If they don't show you what's going on behind the website then they are pulling your leg.

      However, don't expect anyone to show you what's going on with the business end of the process for FREE. Honestly, that doesn't make any sense. Remember, if it's not simple it's not true. I have been in sales and marketing all my life.

      I did it in the real world and I’m doing it online. Simply put, all I ever tried to do was be helpful, period.
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  • Profile picture of the author ceenote100
    "To make money online... find out what people want and show them
    how to get it."

    That pretty much sums it up right there!
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  • Profile picture of the author Carol_A
    Totally agree with this philosophy.

    I learned this a long time ago before I ever contemplated marketing. It's a Biblical principle, reaping/sowing and so applicable to all avenues in life. I also had the Zig Ziglar quote reiterated to me while promoting Mary Kay products....many years ago.

    So, I started my Internet marketing business on this foundation, treating others the way I want to be treated, and have been privileged to have built many wonderful friendships with my readers/subscribers.

    I don't "pitch"......I simply mention . . . and am blessed monetarily.

    Having a clear conscience while helping my family... as I help others - is Priceless!
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  • Profile picture of the author jimboev1973
    i really try to run my business and my life with the mindset of "help enough people and you too will be helped" so far, so good.
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  • Profile picture of the author RyanLow
    Great advice! I will certainly keep this mind in future
    "Chance favors the prepared mind." --- Louis Pasteur

    Some people dream of success, while others wake up and work hard for it.
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