High or Low Competition Keywords

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When picking keyword to use in my domain name and for my site content is it better to use keywords with high or low competition? if you dont mind please explain why.

Thanks for your help!
Stephen Johnson
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    It really depends what your budget is. If you're just starting out, you have a tight budget or don't want to throw a lot of money at SEO, go for low competition keywords.

    Low competition keywords are easy to beat because usually the search results are a bunch of random no-name domains you've never heard of with little to no PR or backlinks.

    High competition keywords usually have high PR websites in the top ranks, Wiki pages, YouTube videos, Ehow pages, etc.

    High competition keywords require serious authority pages with a lot of high authority targeted relevant backlinks.

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    I've stopped choosing domains on the basis of keywords - pick something memorable and focus on good quality content and content curation.
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    In my opinion competition doesn't matter while selecting keywords for domain name. I always consider following fact while selecting a domain name

    Easy to remember
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  • JaRyCu said it right, competition is a Google Adwords measurement, not something to necessarily consider... At the same time, if there is no competition for your keywords, then there will be less ads placed on your site when you add adsense.

    In terms of keyword selection there are a couple of resources I would recommend:


    Provides an overview on keyword selection.

    Keyword Research Tool & SEO Management Software - SECockpit

    Probably one of the best keyword tools out there right now.

    Hope this helps!

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    Thanks everyone for all the advice!
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    I would recommend going for low competition keywords all the way. Low competition keywords are easier to get higher SERPs on Google.

    Another plus point of low competition keywords, is that whenever someone types in your low competition keyword in Google, they are most likely very desperate to find solutions. After all, people seldom search very specifically for the keyword to have low competition!

    These people form up the targeted traffic that you want going to your site.

    Hope this helped you! If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I'll be more than happy to answer your questions!
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      Keyword competition is just an adwords tool to show how many advertisers there are for a certain keyword, not search engine competition.

      The only time you should ever be worried about keyword competition is when you are making a site dedicated to making money from adsense. Think about it, what's the use of building a website, getting it to rank and getting visitors if there are no ads to get clicked on? You might be getting clicks, but you'd only be getting pennies...

      Keep in mind that this only applies to adsense sites.
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    So you want to use exact much domain to rank high ,you should understand the difference between low-competition and high-volume search keywords .

    Many webmasters think that if the keyword is not competitive,it would be easy to get their website to rank #1 for that keyword in search engines.

    A common mistake that IM newbies make when launching their website is not checking the competition of the keywords they’re trying to rank for so their sites took months to get any visitors.

    If you use google adwords tool and you find that the “competition” for a keyword is “High”,that doesn’t mean the SEO competition is high, it means the pay-per-click competition is "High", In other words, lots of advertisers are paying to have their ad shown on the right side of SERP.

    High advertiser competition is a good thing if you’re setting up a website targeting this keyword and want to monetize the site with Adsense ads , because high advertiser competition means the cost-per-click will be higher .

    So in nutshell ,if a keyword gets a good amount of exact-match searches each month, and has a high cost-per-click go for it .
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    Someone said this but it really does depend on your budget. If your building an authority type site I would use a combination of both low and high competitive keywords. Once your site is viewed as an authority you will start to see the site ranking for lots of related keywords.
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    When choosing high competition keywords, you always have to bear in mind that it will take much more time, effort and possibly money to reach higher positions. But once there, you may relish some high traffic.

    However, if you choose low competition keywords, you may quickly and with no much effort reach high positions. Nevertheless, there is only a small number of people searching for these keywords, so it won't boost your traffic so significantly.

    What I would recommend you is a combination of both high and low competition keywords, which will serve you as a good base for your SEO.
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    We can choose keywords on three way according to competition, high, low and medium competition. All have different methodology to choose the keywords, Once we choose the keywords for a brand, then we choose highly competition keyword.

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    I say pick a catchy name people are unlikely to forget. Make them think! Choosing a website name was the step I took the longest to figure out on my first website, but I'm happy with what I settled on. Remember, you want the name to stick with people who are interested in your topics Good Luck
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