[BLOGGERS] How to Publish Your Blog on Kindle and Make Money From It

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Hey Warriors,

I've noticed that there's a lot of chat on here about publishing books to Kindle in order to make money, however...

It seems like no one has mentioned that if you already have your own blog, you can put your blog on Kindle for free and get paid for every subscriber you get via the Kindle device.

Before you get wildly excited, it isn't going to make you a millionaire overnight (unless you happen to be Richard Branson and already have enough profile to instantly get 3,367,003 Kindle subscribers. That's how many you'd need to make $1million).

But there are major benefits to it:
  • You can reach subscribers that would otherwise never have heard of you
  • You can make extra money from your blog that you're currently missing out on
  • The subscribers will be paying you, so are more likely to purchase again in the future

Here's how you do it (watch in full screen):

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