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Hi All,

I have a landing page query that is driving me crazy and I hope someone can help.

I am offering a free trial of a product to potential customers by email.

They click-through from the email to a landing page containing a form that once filled out with there requirements they will receive the free trial.

This offer (or any free trial offer) is not offered or promoted on the main website.

I am keeping the navigation down to one small link to the main website home page at the bottom of the landing page.

My question is:

1. If someone clicks on the small link to the main website homepage, to maybe have a browse before signing up, how do they get back to my landing page with the signup form?
Back Click? Go back to the original email and click-through again? Other?
Should I just make the link to the main site open up in a new window?

This is what bugging me!

I don't want to put the free trial offer on the main webpage as it will bring far too many bad leads.

Others must have been in this position and there has to be a simple answer somewhere.
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    Have you considered created a special page for the free trial and removing all the other navigation, after all, you should be sending only the people ready to take you up on the free trial to the sign up form.

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    If I understand your question right, I would simply open up the link (after the prospect fills in his contact info) in a new page so your squeeze page remains available.

    Typically, there are no links on the squeeze page to the main site. You want the squeeze page visitor to fill out the info box and have no other choices available.

    You can "hide" the free report or whatever the incentive was to sign up on a page on your web site that is not linked to any other pages on your site. Then, on that hidden page you can have a link to the home page so the prospect can get to your site after getting his reward.


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    Well you want to get the trial offer hidden for bad leads so you didn't put the link on the main webpage ..you have 2 option :

    1- To force a link to open in a new window using this code :

    <a href="http://www.mainpage.com/ " target="_blank">Home page</a>
    2-Use exit pop up (exitsplash for example) .
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    It is not good to provide links on landing page, as user will divert from your query page. Try to provide all relevant information on the landing page to convince the user for signup.
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      Thanks for the replies

      The navigation on the landing page is something that I am still deciding on. Either no navigation whatsoever or just a small link to the main website right at the bottom.

      I have viewed a lot of other landing pages for research and found that it is about 50/50 using the two above methods.
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