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I've mentioned Ping.fm / Update all of your social networks at once! here before a few times. Basically it lets you post an update or microblog that will be sent to up 39 different sites including Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Hi5 and so on. Include a url of a new site in one of these updates and that site will be indexed very soon after. I've done this a couple of times.

Anyway, I found a plugin for wordpress that sends out blog posts to ping.fm. Meaning your blog post will get sent to all those sites as either an update or microblog. Of course there are size limitations, so best to be sure the opening line of the post includes a nice description. To be honest, I just found it yesterday so haven't had time to experiment with it yet, but it definitely has potential. Here's the link - WordPress › PingPressFM WordPress Plugins Or visit the developer's page here - Sold Out Activist PingPressFM

Of course there would be a few things to take into consideration. If you're running autoblogs you're not going to want the content being sent to all your friends and family as an update on Facebook or where ever else. But for personal blogs it would be perfect if you don't mind sharing your posts. Another great thing is, it works with forward dated posts also.
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