How Much Is This Domain Worth?

by Greedy
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I have the domain and am looking to sell it.

I have gotten a few offers, and I am wondering what you guys think the worth is?
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    Hi Greedy(!)

    The problem is that value is subjective, so it might instead be an idea to ask instead what options you have for getting a better idea of the value of the domain so you could understand it's potential yourself and argue it to sellers to get a better price for yourself if you would choose to sell it:

    1. You could look up SEDO online and get them to evaluate your domain. It will give you a good estimate on what it is worth.
    2. You could make an estimate based on adding up all the relevant traffic cost of that domain and related keyword cost on Google AdWords: Keyword Tool.
    3. You could look up the trends for the keyword on Google Insight and Google Trends. If your domain has keywords that are a part of abreakout trend the value of your domain should be higher.

    Other things to consider:

    - The length of the domain. Between 8 and 11 words ok, the shorter the better.
    - Can you make more money by developing the domain yourself?
    - Is the domain specific enough? (it focuses on making money at home, but is not more specific than that.)

    Hope that helps. Personally I think you have a valuable domain that you should keep, make sure to extend and get backups for all passwords and usernames.

    Bjarne Viken
    Conversion Strategist

    Skype: bjarne.viken | | LinkedIn: | | Free consultation:

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    I would say the domain itself would go for registration fee. JMO.
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    I would tell low $xxx, but that is without looking at number of potential end-users

    Contact me on PM if you are interested in extra affordable instructions about how to trade with domain names for serious profit. You could also just visit and check my website at!english/ctqd

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    It's worth some factor multiplied by your monthly revenues, I forget the exact number, but seems like that's the common benchmark for valuation
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    If it were "" it would be worth something for sure. But imo the "my" in front kills its value completely. Worth the reg fee.
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    The domain itself doesn't worth even the registration fee ,I am wondering how many of the total registered domains last year get renewed?

    Domain names are being registered at a truly incredible rate.People are generally only going to pay big cash for a domain if they can make money from it . If there is no way to monetize a website using your domain, it is likely that your domain has no or little value. Do a Google search and see whether there are any sponsored ads for your domain keywords. If there are none, this is often a sign that your domain has little value.
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    I've bought and sold many domain names over the years. One thing I know for sure it that it's unpredictable. A domain is worth what someone is willing to pay and what someone perceives as value. For instance I had a domain I thought was worth the registration fee but a company contacted me and offered $2.5k for it. Anyway, technically if it has no pr/traffic then it's worth the reg. fee.
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